May 6, 2009

Window Boxes

I often drive by this old vine-covered garage with living quarters but it wasn't until recently that I took a real look at it. This could be my little "home away from home"....a place I could visit and do nothing but think.

I've never lived in a house with a window box, but always notice them and always admire them. This one is being held up by two pieces of wood, is coming apart at the seams and there's an old clay pot sitting inside of it.

I started wondering what could be done to make the dilapidated window box look loved and happy again. Maybe this would look nice.

A few days ago I drove by and there under the window box were beautiful low-growing white flowers, thick and lush and gorgeous (and me w/o my camera). The window box looked perfect just the way it is and doesn't really need a makeover. Some things are better just left alone.


  1. I agree-the "patina" of ageing buildings is the essence of their charm. There sure are a lot of different window boxes out there if a person is looking to shop, though. After my white plastic ones began to fall apart, I splurged for these. I love them!

  2. What a beautiful post. You are so right. Some things are better left alone. Life is funny... some things that are so *perfect* for a photograph are impossible to capture.

    What an adventure it would be to live in that place. Thanks for providing a little dream material. I have fantasies about window boxes too.

  3. Lisa, your new window boxes are gorgeous and the copper will only look better with age. Hope to see future photos with flowers in the boxes.

    Mindy, if you had window boxes, they'd be spectacular. I know this from seeing photos of your container gardening.

  4. I love my window boxes! They made all the difference in the already cottage-y house I live in. I'm charmed by vine-covered buildings, even though all that vining is hard on a structure. I let the ivy climb up our house brick house one year, just because I loved the way it looked.

  5. I have always wanted window boxes on the second floor of my house. I think those would look so nice. Even though they seem to have become more popular in recent years, I don't see them nearly enough.

    Always Growing

  6. That is a beautiful garage...and it would make a wonderful home! I think window boxes are sweet. There are a few nearby that are beautifully planted. gail

  7. May your "little house" and my "little house" be within walking distance!

  8. ArtCricket, the best window box is the one you had with Mourning Doves nesting in it. A neighbor offered me some English Ivy. I delined because of it's invasive nature. Do like how it looks growing up a brick house though.

    Jan, you're right. The second floor window boxes are the ones that REALLY catch my eye.

    Gail, thanks for taking time to stop by. I know how busy you must be at Clay and Limestone.

    Sue, there would be a winding trail through the woods from my "little house" to your "little house".

  9. Just needs love. Sometimes just love from Mother Nature, who roots her love in flowers.

  10. Brenda, it was nice having a Texas gal visit.


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