May 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - May 15, 2009

Just my luck! I finally have blooms to share, but now my time to tell you about them is limited. Thank you to Carol for coming up with the GBBD idea. It's a great way to visit gardens all over the world and to have many nice people see what's happening in your garden.

Beautiful Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart
Given To Me By My Sweet Mother

Muscari Armeniacum
They Get Prettier Every Year
Lungwort - Raspberry Colored Flowers
Perfect For Shaded Areas

Variegated Brunnera
Gorgeous Flowers & Leaves
Loves The Shade

Grow Wild In Our Natural Area

Single Trillium Flower
Related To The Lily

Mayapples & Snow On The Mountain
Flourishing Together

Ferns Making An Appearance
Transplanted From My Mother's Yard

Fern Leaf Peony
Not Quite A Bloom
But Still So Pretty


  1. Happy Bloom Day! Aren't the trilliums a wonderful plant...I love that your mother shares plants with you! What a gift! gail

  2. Pretty Pretty Prett! Yeah Donna! You must be thrilled. Your flowers are lovely. I miss my bleeding heart - they are so tender. And trilliums are wonderful too. Thanks for sharing and for your kind words. Happy Gardening!

  3. Oh my - what trillium. Or is it trillia for more than one! I love the fern fiddlenecks too - I hear that people eat fern fiddlenecks, not sure what kind of ferns though. I'm not that adventurous! Thanks for dropping by our blog too. I didn't have much time today either - posted while waiting for software to install for my job. See round the blogosphere!

  4. I have never seen a fern leaf peony. What a cool looking plant! All your blooms are great.
    Thanks. Happy GBBD.

  5. Great photos - I have to find that white bleeding heart. So pretty!

  6. A lovely May offering. I especially like the fern leaf peony.
    Your blog is very nice. A good blend of gardening and daily life.
    Thanks for visiting me. Sande

  7. Your bleeding heart is gorgeous! So often they don't quite look like "hearts" but this one very clearly has a beautiful white heart. And the fern leaf peony - wow! I never knew there was such a thing... Thanks for dropping by my blog :-)

  8. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your blooms.

  9. Yay for new blooms! Thanks so much for was worth the wait! Your white bleeding heart is gorgeous...I've actually never seen one before...maybe I'll have to look into getting one of my own :) Also, the Lungwort is such a neat plant. Thanks again for sharing your blooms! Take Care :)

  10. Loved all of them. And your garden looks so neat and tidy with mulch around the plants. Wish I could grow some of those shade lovers (like the brunnera) but I think some of them are better for more northern climes.

  11. Wow! Lots happening in your yard! And each one so dainty and beautiful. Keep us posted on that fern leaf peony. Sounds like you are the only person who has one that the rest of us can see. If only it would ever be dry long enough around here that I could get some seed in the ground!

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love all your emerging flowers. The variegated Brunnera is gorgeous. I've always fancied having a got at growing a Trillium. Do you know if they will grow in a container - perhaps with a lot of leaf mould?

  13. Gail, sharing plants is one of my favorite parts of gardening.

    Mindy, think of you often..especially when I'm working outside.

    Country Mouse, guess I should be searching for some fern fiddleneck recipes.

    Marie, Phillip, Sande, GardenJunkie - I'd never heard of nor seen a fern leaf peony until 3 years ago and now it's one of my favorites.

    Lindalou, I always look forward to seeing your name and your blog.

    Marissa's Flower Patch, I hope you find a white bleeding heart. Nice of you to stop by especially considering how busy you've been with graduation, family, etc.

    Jean, it all still looks neat and tidy because the mulch is new and the growing season is young and I still have the energy to keep things look nice.

    Sue, I'm developing an interest in planting a few things from seeds. Not sure I have the patience though.

  14. I have never had bleeding heart. I don't know if it grows where it's this hot. They're so lovely and the shape is so unique.

  15. Brenda, not sure about a Bleeding Heart growing in TX. I don't know much about gardening in TX.


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