May 11, 2009

Purple, White, Red, Soccer, Teddy

The pretty purple "whatever they are" flowers
growing along with the dandelions
made a pretty picture.

And so did these white flowers growing in the grass.

The hummingbird feeder is up, no takers yet.
Any day now, I'm sure.

He might not be as tall as the other boys, but that doesn't mean he's going to let them take the soccer ball away. He's our little star!

After he left here on Sunday afternoon, I found his Teddy on Grandpa's chair and it made me wonder how much longer Teddy will be part of his life.


  1. The pictures are all great! And I do hope "Teddy" stays around for a while!

  2. Hang on to that Teddy. It will be a part of his life again when his own little one inherits it for sure.

  3. ArtCricket2 & Sue, he still likes for me to tell him the story of when/where I bought it and when I gave it to him and what he did the first time he saw Teddy.


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