May 12, 2009

Orioles, Bird Baths & Poetry!

The Oriole feeder has been out for a few days and this morning we had the pleasure of a visitor looking for a sweet treat. The picture was taken through the window, so it won't be winning any prize in a photography contest. I'm not pleased with this feeder, bought it last fall on a clearance table at Mill's Fleet Farm. Maybe I can find a nicer one at the Green Bay Botanical Garden's 25th Annual Garden Fair coming up in early June. There will be over 100 vendors selling plants, garden art, landscape ideas, garden demonstrations & presentations, music and food.

This is the new birth bath I bought at Stein Garden & Gifts for $19.99. It's been out there for a couple of days and no birds, so far. Maybe they don't like cheap garden tubs.

Phillip and some of his classmates had the opportunity last evening to read poetry at one of the local coffeehouses. They had so much fun and practically knocked each other over hurrying to the microphone. Their teacher encouraged them to dress in black and wear a beret in order to look more like poets. Not many kids around here own berets, so Phillip wore his winter skull cap.

Saw this pretty yellow Hibiscus at the coffeehouse and couldn't resist taking its picture. I've never owned a Hibiscus and so to be sure about its identity, I did a google search. Found out that Hawaii's State Flower is the yellow Hibiscus. Good choice!


  1. Wouldn't Phillip like to be published? I'd love to hear what he wrote about you!

  2. You've gotta love a good deal though. Maybe if the birds don't like the birdbath you could use it as a planter?

    I think skull caps are the new berets, aren't they???

  3. Sue, I wonder if he'll continue to have an interest in poetry now that the coffeehouse experience is over.

    Cinj, still no birds in my birdbath...the planter idea is looking good. Isn't WI fabulous this time of year?

  4. It takes birds awhile to eat or drink at a new spot. I guess they don't trust it. It usually takes a week or so when I put out something new for me to actually see birds there.

  5. Brenda, thanks for the encouraging words about the birds visiting the bb. Still no takers.


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