May 22, 2009

Birds, Apples, Corvettes

We had a Mourning Dove nest on the stones below our clothes dryer vent. The eggs hatched and these cuties lived there happily until a few days ago when they flew away.

Apple orchards all around us are in bloom and that means in a few months my favorite apple will be available....Honeycrisp. We're able to buy these locally grown apples until the first of December. This photo was taken at an apple orchard owned by the Oneida Tribe of Indians and it's not far from our house.

Last weekend we traveled to Wisconsin Dells with the Corvettes of the Bay. We had a caravan of 40 Corvettes and drove the country rodes all the way there, making our way through two places I'd never been before; Kettle Moraine State Forest and Horican Marsh.

Kettle Moraine State Forest is home to the 3,500-acre Scuppernong River Habitat Area, which is the largest wet prairie east of the Mississippi River.

Horican Marsh is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the United States. It's known for the flocks of Canada geese that migrate through there, but also more than 290 kinds of birds have been seen there over the years. Due to its importance to wildlife, Horican Marsh has been designated as a "Wetland of International Importance" and a "Globally Important Bird Area."

These photos aren't particularly good, but seeing them reminds me of the fun we had. It's not easy taking pictures through the windshield while driving down bumpy roads.


  1. Being from the Detroit area, I sure do appreciate the pictures of the long row of Corvettes.

    LOL on your recent comment. I love that you won a Farrah Fawcett poster. Do you still have it? Just curious.

  2. What a fun post. We have a 1976 Corvette but we never do anything like that.

  3. So interesting to see glimpses of your state. I've always wanted to visit Wisconsin after loving the Laura Ingalls Wilder books so much. It's on my list of possible house exchanges to do - so far we've only managed Los Angeles in the US, and you have such a wonderfully varied country that each state must be a different experience.

  4. Oh, I envy you having locally grown apples so readily available. It seems the ones in the stores are often mealy. Looks like you had a great time in your caravan of corvettes. It is nice to get off the beaten path and find new places.

    Always Growing

  5. Now that sounds like a fun adventure! We have a little Mini Cooper convertible that my husband has taken on the Mini USA tours. But nothing beats the See The USA In Your Chevrolet adventure! gail

  6. Ah, I've never seen Mourning Dove babies. But oh, would I love to!

  7. Lindalou, you make me laugh, too. FF poster long gone just like my youth!

    Marie, nice to have another Corvette owner stop by. How about a picture of it on your blog sometime?

    Linda, Little House on the Prairie, the musical, is making its way across the country now and Melissa Gilbert who played Laura for 10 years is now playing the part of Ma.

    Jan, getting off the beaten path forces us to slow down a little. I agree that the apples in stores especially this time of year are awful tasting.

    Gail, I've never heard of the Mini USA Tours. Will have to check it out. I know several people now who own them.

    Brenda, all babies are cute in my mind.


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