May 4, 2009

Stone Soup

One of the books Phillip brought home from the library was Stone Soup by Jon J. Muth. The story of how the villagers came together to make soup from stones intrigued him and he had the idea that we could make stone soup, too.

He went outside and looked around for the perfect stones, three of them because that's how many were on the cover of the book. I gave him a brush and he stood at the kitchen sink and scrubbed them clean and then we boiled them a good long time to make sure they were clean.

Then he cut up some celery with a table knife while I cut the carrots. We added a little minced onion and some chicken broth and finally the stones.

We put the soup on the stove to cook. Yes, I know the burner is too big for the small pan, but I couldn't be bothered with that detail while he was so excited about cooking.
Then it was time to taste the soup because as he said, "That's what all the chefs on TV do." He was only this close to the burner for the minute it took to take a taste and I was watching him carefully. Now that I see the photo, it looks dangerous being so close to the burner while wearing that robe with the sleeves that are too long. We do a lot of early morning cooking in this house, maybe we should get dressed first.

Although the soup making was fun for the both of us, he also learned the lesson that even in hard times we all have something to give and that by giving, much more comes back to us in return. I love this boy.

NOTE: You've probably figured out that I won't ever be a food/cooking/recipe blogger.


  1. Phillip, however, COULD do a cooking blog. And it would be read far and wide because he is so daggone cute! What a fun thing to do with him.

  2. How sweet is this story!

  3. Haha, that is great! I remember reading that book a long time ago, but never got the privilage to actually MAKE stone soup! I'm sure he will remember it for a long time :) Thanks for your comments...yes, I hadn't realized the ticks are out either. Its still got me a little squirmish, and now I definitely have to get the dog in for his spring shots! So much to do...

  4. Sue, he told me recently that the kitchen is his favorite room at our house.

    ArtCricket2, because of Ezra you know all about sweet boys and sweet stories.

    Marissa, my mother made Stone Soup with me. Guess you could say it's an old family recipe.

  5. Very cool! I always enjoyed that story, Capt. Kangaroo read it on his show when I was a kid. I never actually made the soup though, you are a fun grandma!


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