November 17, 2011

My First Time

My first time to participate in Lesley's signs, signs.

This is the sign in front of a haunted house not far from my house. It's in a 1920s school building that's next to a church and a graveyard. The school was used as a morgue after an influenza epidemic in 1929 left many people dead. Mysteriously, the deceased bodies disappeared and zombies took over the building and continue to live there today. 

The official hair stylist for the zombies is also my hair stylist. This fact both fascinates and frightens me! 

November 8, 2011

The Pinhead and Her Fungus

I've been referred to as a pinhead before, but never has it been more apparent than in this photo of my shadow. Here I am with my big body and little head flanked on both sides by a couple of mysterious-looking fungi. I know nothing about mushrooms/fungi, so maybe someone can identify them for me.  

Here are some close up shots. I'm really curious about them. They're even bigger now than when I took the pictures.

The bucket garden has been put to rest for the winter. Gardening this way was both fun and successful and I'll do it again next year. I grew tomatoes, watermelons, cucumbers and 3 different kinds of pumpkins. Will add a couple additional buckets next year.

Not many blooms left this time of year.
This is about all I have left for color and they've
 been moved to the back of the house for the winter
along with all the other containers.

The pretty colored leaves are gone, too,
but the big, brown Oak leaves hang around forever.

The Coo-Coo Kid is still a big part of my life.
He talks about working on his blog,
but wants to include YouTube videos.
Trust me...the videos are not about gardening:)
We're still debating the issue.
He makes me HAPPY!