May 5, 2009

Mourning Doves & Even Sweeter Things

It was my intention to write about these sweet Mourning Doves who have built a nest (if you can call it that) on the stones right below our clothes dryer vent. I've only seen the nest one time without one of the birds keeping the two eggs warm and luckily I had the camera with me.

Something made me stop what I was doing and take a look at Beth's blog, ArtCricket2. What I found there was a much sweeter bird nest, a more important nest. It's a story about two sisters who love each other and care about one another, have fun together and enjoy each other's laughter. Beth's sweet sister is awaiting a double lung transplant. I'm repeating Beth's words here, but she said it best. Please whisper a prayer for this beautiful person. And for Beth, too.

Thank you for taking the time to care.


  1. How cool is that! Last year we had two robbins nesting under our deck..that was really fun to watch. I didn't know morning doves would nest on the ground! Suprising!

  2. Thanks so much, so sweet of you to write about us! I miss my mourning dove's nest in the window box. Thanks for sharing yours with me!

  3. Marissa, did the mother robin try to attack you while you were relaxing on the deck? They are sometimes very protective of their youngsters.

    ArtCricket2, it was my original plan to inlude a link to your Mourning Dove post, but your sister's story really tugged at my heart.

  4. My mourning doves are much more timid than yours, no way would they nest so close to my house! Very touching story too, I hope her transplant comes through. I only have asthma, I can/cannot imagine what her struggle must be like.

  5. Lisa, thanks for your good thoughts about Richey and her lung transplant. I hope your asthma symptoms lessen as you get older and never keep you from doing what you enjoy.


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