May 26, 2009


My "daughter-in-love" likes to say that she has no green thumb. Well, she planted this and gave it to me and I'm lovin' everything about it.....just like I love everything about her!


  1. It's a beauty! Bet she is, too.

  2. What a sweet mother-in-law you are! She will appreciate those kind words.

  3. Glad to be home, the lady of leisure is no more. It's back to work! But, I had a great time made even better by a visit with my sister, Richey, in GA on the way home!

  4. ArtCricket2, she's beautiful in many different ways.

    Brenda, I had the best mother-in-law in the world and have tried to be like her in many ways.

    ArtCricket2, I wondered where Richey lived. Nice that the two of you had some time together. Will there be a blog post or two about your vacation?


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