May 29, 2009

Just For Fun

Our friends, Debbie and Jim, recently added this Elfin Tree Door and Accessories set to their big weeping willow tree. They bought it from Plow & Hearth and are still waiting for the battery-operated light that comes with the set. Debbie told me that they've had this troll for a very long time and that he's a fill-in until she can find a cuter elf. As you can tell, Debbie and Jim are fun people.


  1. I love whimsy! Thanks for the picture.

  2. this is just so cute....and sometime faeries come to live in little places like that....and it's okay, as the elves love them !!

    thanks for stopping by and saying hello...I'm not sure which zone of wisconsin I live in....I think it's just called the "winters are too long and the summers are too short" zone !!

  3. Hi Donna,

    Good eye. Yep that's rhubarb in my neighbor's yard.

    The headboard never sold so I'm calling Purple Heart this week to pick up whatever was leftover.

  4. I love it ! A troll is perfect some days in the garden .. a little more intense than a gnome ? haha
    Perfect set up under a mature tree .. keeps the naughty fairies away ? LOL


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