June 12, 2009

Spoonin' In The Garden

Although I like a little whimsy in the garden, there's not much of it to be found in my yard. Interesting that I almost always say "my" yard when it's my dear husband who does most all the backbreaking work when it comes to the trees, bushes and lawn. These spoons/forks are not anything new because I've seen them before, but they're cute and make me smile. This photo comes from the Green Bay Botanical Garden website.
We were at our son and dil's place yesterday to help out with some yard work while our son is out of town for a week. My husband cut grass (3 acres) and I transplanted some black-eyed susan plants and ferns from "our" yard to their yard. I noticed more wildflowers blooming in their natural area and took these pictures (sometimes I like to say pictures instead of photos). We're there at least once a week and it's fun to see what new wildflowers are blooming.


  1. I've never seen the spoon and fork things before. Very cute and they look like they are dancing. Maybe I just been watching too much So You Think You Can Dance this week.

    Love the wildflowers. So pretty

  2. Fun art! Good way to use up old spoons I guess.

  3. The spoons and forks are a hoot!
    Thanks for the daisy picture, they just make me happy!

  4. Hi Donna,

    Thank you so much for coming by for my picnic and leaving a comment. I am always happy to have a new friend.

  5. What would we do without parents (or people who look after us). My mom and dad do the same thing when we're out of town. Taking care of our wonderful garden.

    And I love the flowers you took pics of. I'm curious how the rest of there yard looks like....

    And yes Donna, I'do get it, as you wrote on my post. Thanks for reading about 'me'.
    Happy weekend.

  6. Lindalou - Are they dancing or is it some other intimate activity that we can't talk about here??

    Rosey Pollen - And don't forget the old forks.

    ArtCricket2 - What's not to love about a daisy! He loves me, he love me not.....

    Stella - Your picnic was lovely and I enjoy having you visit my blog, too.

    Barefoot from Heaven - Their landscaping thus far is the typical country subdivision style. Plantings around the house, two maples tree, some evergreens, a little landscaping around the pool, containers with flowers and way too much grass. They have a farm and cornfield behind them and empty 3-acres lots on both sides of them. I bet I'd like your parents.

  7. I suppose I've never met a flower I didn't like. Wild or not!


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