June 5, 2009

Purple Cauliflower

If you have purple cauliflower in your garden and don't know what to do with it other than eat it, here's an idea. Beth at ArtCricket2 makes art from its juice. Go take a look at how she does it.

In a couple hours from now, I'll be volunteering at the Green Bay Botanical Garden's annual Garden Fair. My friend, Debbie, and I will be working in the plant pick up area. I hope to drag my camera along while moving plants around for people. Afterwards, we'll have a couple hours to visit all the vendors. It's Members Only Night, so we won't have to fight the crowds of people who'll be there Saturday and Sunday.


  1. Dear Donna, thanks for your warm comment on my blog. I hear what you say, it's so true.
    Have a happy purple weekend.

    You have a very gifted friend, I love the watercolor painting.
    Don't work to hard with by carry all other people's stuff around. And I'm looking forward to the pics you will be taken.

  2. thanks for posting about my endeavor! I was too late, even at 8:30 AM, for the few heads of purple cauliflower at the market today. I'll try to be earlier next week. I want more! Hope you enjoyed your night and got lots of cool pictures!

  3. I hope you had fun at the GB Botanical Garden! How fun does that sound?? Too bad the weather isn't better today. I have never heard of purple cauliflower...very interesting! Thanks for all of your comments on my site!

  4. Barefoot from Heaven - A purple weekend would have been nice, instead it was a cool (very cool) and rainy weekend.

    ArtCricket2 - No pictures from the Garden Fair. Decided to leave the camera in the car until after my volunteer duty ended and by then I was too tired to walk back to get it. Did enjoy all the vendors but my only purchase was more lantana.

    Marissa's Flower Patch - It's been a terrible weather weekend for the Garden Fair. Too bad because it's one of their major fund raisers.


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