June 9, 2009

Hooray For The Hosta

So many hosta plants and I know the name of not one of them. Why didn't someone tell me that those plants tags might come in handy some day? I'd like to be part of the hosta cult, but don't think I qualify now. These photos are all in the front yard. There are many more of them in the backyard where they get a lot of sun. They don't seem to mind the sun and actually get bigger than the ones in the front.

I enjoy the wider shot photos in other blogs, so I'm going to start including some of those. This was taken from the front porch. The orange Oriole feeder has been replaced with this hummingbird feeder and the Orioles still come to it along with the hummingbirds, although not at the same time. Nice shot of the neighbor's house. I wouldn't mind having their front porch.

This was originally the NFL garden and not my idea. It had to do with the colors in the NFC Central but has evolved out of that and I'm not sad about it. The small plants coming up around the tree are the black-eyed susan or as some of you may prefer, Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldstrum', and I probably didn't get that right (but I keep trying). They are the love of my garden life and if I could only have one perennial, this would be it.

More nameless hosta plants.

Hostas with Ferns & Astilbe

Even more hostas with a small pot of Fushia tucked in for color. Daylilies in the background.

I'm posting this in a hurry and hoping it makes sense. You're probably thinking that it doesn't seem any less thrown together than all my other posts and you'd be right.

Picking Phillip up at his summer school Spanish class at 9:45 (45 minutes away), bringing him back here for the day until it's time to drive him back for soccer practice. I'll watch practice and then bring him back here again where he'll spend the night and then I'll drive him to Spanish class in the morning. Doing a favor for his parents and the reason I'm in a hurry this morning.


  1. Your yard is lovely. Ah well, mystery plants are a part of gardening. :) Whatever their names your hosta look wonderful.

  2. I love your yard! I am a big fan of hosta, I planted three this year that I divided from my mother's house. I have green and white striped ones in the front. One of the ones I planted from her house, is a miniature, which is very sweet, but a bunny is enjoying more than me right now. I gave Mom three for Mother's Day and asked her to please keep the tags. I'll take plant markers out next visit and label them. Hosta offers a wonderful texture to a garden. I am wanting a large leafed, blue green, really bumpy one.

  3. Your hostas are looking much better than mine. They don't like the heat here, and I have mine in full shade! I don't know the name of one single hosta, so don't feel bad. I'm always posting a pic of a plant, and then someone writes to tell me I got the name of it wrong. Oh well, learning is part of life. Your garden is looking fantastic. And yes, I'd like the neighbor's porch as well!

  4. How fun! I love all of your hosta! They add such a great variety to any flower bed. I have a special fondness for hostas with large leaves...this year, my mom gave me one called "big daddy". Its going to have a huge spread of leaves!

  5. What a nice and such tall hosta's. Mine are all eaten by snales.

  6. Do you photoshop your pictures or are things really as green as they look? So lush and refreshing!!

  7. Love your hostas! They are so healthy and full looking. I laughed about the plant tags, because I think I have one hosta tag, if that. Mine are all nameless too.

  8. Oh, your hostas look lovely. You have such nice sized clumps. Don't worry about not knowing the names; that doesn't stop you from enjoying them, does it?

    Always Growing

  9. Anonymous09 June, 2009

    I have a row of hostas out front by the shady walk, and I'm trying to be crazy about them like so many other gardeners. But they just don't grab me! I did see one posted online that actually made go WOW. It was called Hosta June, and that one I want to have!

  10. sweet bay - You've given me an idea; Mystery Hosta #1, Mystery Hosta #2, etc. Now they'll all have names.

    ArtCricket - I have some large leaf, blue/green hostas but they're not bumpy. That sounds really interesting.

    Brenda - No wonder my hostas are looking so good, it's been COOL here with lots of rain.

    Marrisa's Flower Patch - I'll be looking for a picture of "big daddy" on your blog.

    Barefoot from Heaven - With all the rain we've had, I bet the snails, slugs and whatever will be around soon.

    sue - No photoshop here. It just so happens that right now everything is as green and lush as it appears in photos.

    Gardenerprogress/Catherine - I was at a garden center this morning looking at all the hostas to see if I recognized any of them...no luck.

    Jan - I enjoy the hostas with or without names, but sure would be nice to identify them.

    Msrobin - I can't say that I'm crazy about hostas like some people are, but they do well/look nice where they're planted. I'll have to look up Hosta June.

  11. those are great, and I love Astilbe, too! My flowerbeds are mostly hot , sunny, and dry, and I have one small 'wet' bed for an azalea, rhodo, ferns and etc. yours look great!

  12. Your hostas look great. I only have a verigated version and they aren't planted in the right place. I need to work on that this summer.

    We've had a cool, wet spring here in Michigan as well. So things are growing well...even my grass is improving.

  13. Muum - I wouldn't mind having a few more hot, sunny and dry beds in which to plant flowers and vegetables. The grass is always greener, right?

    Lindalou - Some of my plants could use a little hot and dry for a while. But then I'd be complaining about all the watering.

  14. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for stopping by to say hello and make a comment. The white lattice is panels we wired along one side of the yard to a wire link fence so I could grow crawly things. Love your hostas. I will have to grow more of those. Stella by Starlight

  15. I may know the name of one of your hostas. That big one in the center of the photo "More Nameless Hosta Plants" - does it get more golden as the summer goes on? If so, I think you might have Gold Standard. It's my favorite. I don't have a photo of an entire plant, but you can see a photo of leaves here: http://toomuchstuff.typepad.com/photos/my_garden/my_favorite_hosta.html


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