June 3, 2009

Hooray For The Weiglia

We have three of these Weiglia bushes that are full of pink trumpet shaped flowers. It took a few years for me to train my gardener (aka husband) to prune them right after they're done blooming, like he does the Lilacs, and not to touch them after that. It was worth the wait.

My mother bought this Japanese Painted Fern for me a couple weeks ago and yesterday I finally got around to planting it.

The Morello Cherry Lupine that I planted this spring is doing well. The plant tag says the flowers will be a dramatic cherry red, but it's looking like pink to me.

This Foamflower (Tiarella 'Pirate's Patch') was planted late last summer. It's thriving and even blooming. Each leaf should have a dark center patch resembling a "pirate's patch" but, so far, there is only a tiny hint of that.

When it comes to annuals, I rarely buy a pot of flowers already planted but these Impatiens New Guinea were too pretty to pass up.

House plants are not my specialty but I do have this Croton (Codiaeum 'Petra') and have moved it outside for the summer.


  1. I love the Weiglia bush. Such pretty flowers and great shape.

    And yes, that one plant looks decidely pink to me as well.

  2. All these are a treat to the eyes! I'm a big fan of Japanese Painted Fern, I had one at my former house, but not here! The Lupine is spectacular.

  3. Lindalou, the Lupine is getting "pinker" every day.

    ArtCricket2, for a while I thought I was the only gardener without a Japanese Painted Fern. Makes me happy that my mother gave it to me.

  4. pretty pretty pictures. your wiegela looks so nice - mine barely survived the winter. it coughed up two measly little flowers.

    i adore lupines. planted 3 this year - s/b white but you never know. :) i actually hope one will be yellow. seems to be a color in my brain lately.

    thanks for your kind words earlier. have a great day!

  5. I agree...it's pink! But all your flowers are lovely in any case...I especially like the wiegela. I don't think they do well around here although I've never personally tried.

  6. Super Jealous of that Lupine you share! New to your page put can't wait to return.
    Happy Gardening

  7. Mindy, I saw on someone's blog where they had white lupines planted amont the yellow daylilies and it looked so pretty.

    Leslie, can't imagine that there's anything that doesn't grow well in California.

    Bren, I've been looking for a blog from your part of the country to follow. Now I've found one. Very interesting to me to read about and see photos of gardens all over the USA and even other countries. Fun.


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