June 4, 2009

Garden of Life

This is Maddie.
One of the prettiest flowers in my Garden of Life.

These photos were taken a couple days ago before she and her friends graduated from the 8th grade. These five girls all came to the house for dinner and to get dressed before leaving for the ceremony. Makes me happy that she has a home where her friends are always welcome. Maddie is the one on the far right.

There has to be at least one silly photo.

Can't forget the shoes!

Maddie is our step granddaughter and we've known her since she was five years old. She has two grandmothers who live nearby and love her very much, so I don't play that role in her life. But I am her friend, I love her, I'm interested in her life and always wish the best for her.


  1. what a cutie. they look like they are having so much fun. youth is so amazing. seeing those carefree faces takes me back...

    although i have to say they look *very* mature. what a delight to have her in your life!

  2. What a sweet engaging smile that girl has! You can tell she knows she is dearly loved. It's that twinkle in her eye.

  3. She is lovely! Thanks for sharing these 'flowers'! and thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. oh... I am growing some 'Mamma Mia' tomatoes this year! I've never heard of them before, a roma type tomato.

  5. Beautiful flowers they are-she is lucky to have you tending to her as a friend. I'm sure you feel the same way!

  6. What a beautiful flower! She is a fortunate young woman to have so many people to love and whom love her! gail

  7. YOu know, those girls got those big beautiful smiles from their mom. They are all three gorgeous, and it's those big smiles that draw you right to them.

  8. Mindy, I know what you mean by "very" mature. I didn't look a bit like that in 8th grade.

    Brenda, her grandmother, mother and sister have the same smile.

    Muum, I'll be checking your blog periodically for a report/photo on the Mamma Mia tomatoes.

    ArtCricket2, we're lucky to have Maddie and Haley especially since we have no daughters or granddaughters of our own. Nice that their grandmothers share with us.

    Gail, she is dearly loved, that's for sure.

    Sue, I forgot to mention in the post that she also maintained a 4.0 for all of 8th grade.

    ArtCricket2, the photo is from June '08. I like it, too. All our plants/flowers are slow this year. Very cool here.


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