June 24, 2009

Really Big Bumble Bee

Not a real bumble bee, a plastic one with wings that whirl in the wind. It was a gift from my parents to our grandson when he was two years old. He brought it to our house where it has stayed and together we put it outside every summer. Phillip is seven now, but he's still a little fascinated with the bright yellow bee.

There are ten shrub roses growing in our yard, but only one of them is red. The rest are different shades of pink and white. I'm thinking of leaving off the word "shrub" and simply saying, roses. Shrub makes them sound too ordinary and plain, and they are not. When I see all the blooms, it makes me feel lucky that they're ours. Wish I knew their real names.

The temperatures here have been in the 90's for several days now. We sometimes go for a couple of summers in a row without it ever reaching ninety degrees. Honestly, I don't know how those of you who live with this kind of heat and humidity on a regular basis survive. It makes me feel like life is being sucked right out of me. I salute all of you who garden in hot weather and have gardens that are gorgeous. I know you do because I read your blogs.

When It's Too Hot
To Be In The Garden
I Float In The Pool

Then I Relax
Eat Ice Cream Cake
And Show Off
My Bandaged Elbow
And Injured Big Toe

At the End of the Day
Standing Still and Quiet
Dirty Face and All


  1. He's so adorable. Can I come join you in the pool. We've got 90's here too. I'm thankful for A/C, but can't wait to turn it off and have real air. Don't think I would have made a very good Southern girl.

    (whine, whine, whine)

  2. He's cute :) How lucky to have a nice pool to swim in on the hot days. It's cooled way down here. Your rose is very pretty, definitely not plain or ordinary.

  3. Hard to believe that about your temperatures sometimes not getting very hot! Here in Texas it's 100 degrees in the shade for at least a week now! And no rain in a month!

  4. We have had a cool summer and haven't been swiming once! I envy you guys!
    The bumble bee is kinda cute, I have a thing for stuff like that, sorta like my grandma does. ;)
    Hope you have a relaxing weekend, what a cute little guy, with the band-aid on his toe.

  5. Anonymous25 June, 2009

    Awww, your grandson is adorable. Good thing that big bumblebee isn't real, whew. It's a big one!

  6. Your grandson is smart -- he knows how to handle the heat!!

  7. Love your happy bee and even more that he still likes it a little. Aren't grandsons great? They remind us what to do on a hot day.
    Enjoy your beautiful roses, I always liked shrub roses or climbing roses best over teas. They seem so unassuming but lovely!

  8. Hi
    I have a bee in my garden too. My oldest son gave it to me for Mother's Day last year. I will have to post it so it can get acquainted with your bee. Wish I could join you in the pool it has been over a 100 her in KC. Thanks for stopping by to visit me. I will post some photos of my cool down of my red hot room soon.

  9. Lindalou - Pool belongs to our son and dil. I know what you mean about the a/c. Love sleeping with the windows open.

    gardenerprogress/Catherine - It's a little cooler here also.

    Brenda - 100 degrees and no rain and still you manage to make everything inside and out look cool and lush.

    Rosey Pollen - If it's colorful and plastic, my parents want it in their yard.

    Msrobin - Nice to see real bumble bees in the garden and the bigger the better.

    sweet bay - Sometimes kids are smarter than we give them credit for. They know how to have fun.

    ArtCricket2 - My neighbor and friend, Candace, has a new climbing rose this year and I've been drooling over it.

    Stella - I'll be looking for your cooler decor in the bedroom. Just don't cool off the red hot mamma action in that room.

  10. Cute post! I wish I knew the names of a lot of my flowers. I was just thinking about the fact that it would be nice to just remember what was on the tag, rather than trying to keep track of the them.

  11. Thanks for sharing. We don't have hot summer days. But humidity is awful here too. But because of the rain (we have lots) it's always nice and green.

    Love your sweetie. He's so adorable.

  12. Sue - Maybe we need to make a set of flash cards for everything growing in our yards and then practice the names before going to sleep.

    Barefoot from Heaven - No wonder your photos are stunning. You have lots of rain and not too much heat.


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