June 16, 2009

Christmas In June

This wreath has been sitting on the grass behind an office building for months now. How hard could it be to dispose of it or at least bend down and pick up the red bow? The greenery has turned to brownery and it looks about ready to burst into flames. Oddly enough, I find myself looking forward to seeing if it's still there when driving by.

On to greener things. Last week I planted three sneezeweed plants in the messy unmade bed, two Helenium 'Double Trouble' and one Helenium 'Chelsey'. The very next morning this is what greeted me on my morning walk around the yard. The top of one of the plants was "chewed" off and left on the ground. Since then, some of the lower leaves have been eaten. My information tells me that all parts of the plant are poisonous, if ingested. So far, the other two plants have been untouched.

The yard on the west side of our house has been left to grow natural. This is where the mayapples and trilliums (or is it trillia?) give us a wonderful show in the springtime. Since he's been old enough to talk, Phillip has referred to it as Grandma's woods. It's starting to look more like a jungle and needs to be cut back some before it reaches the house. It's always cool and lush back there and a good place for him to find bugs.


  1. Love your grandma woods. My kids are the same way at my mom's place. They love to run around in her wooded area, acting as if it some big forest. Those untamed areas make for some great childhood memories. I see those wreaths on some doors still and I want to run up and tear them down too.

  2. Isn't it strange how some people can just not see things like a dead wreath and bow? Very strange.
    I love the lushness of the woods. Kids just love exploring those types of areas.

  3. It`s nice that you could keep the wreath till June because the memories remains and every time you see the wreth you remember the Christmas.
    Why don`t you plant in the front of the house a fir or two?It will look wonderful,at least in the winter when the wood will not exist.I like to read blogs because I want to improve my English and the next year i`ll have an English exam and i want that the mark will be very good.

  4. How precious it is to have a "Grandma's Woods"?
    I'm sure the wreath owner doesn't even "see" it anymore.

  5. How is it that I never knew about Grandma's woods before? What great fun for a llitle grandson.
    I mark my days by watching for little things like the wreath. My friend and her little 4 y/o nephew used to see an old muffler on the side of the road every day as she drove him to school. They started watching every day to see if it were still there, and one day they drove by and.....it had been painted bright red AND had his name on it! How could that be?! He was delighted so they took it home. Bet his mom was thrilled. Aren't aunts fun?

  6. Mindy - The older Phillip gets the smaller the "woods" looks to him.

    gardenerprogress/Catherine - Hope I haven't made it sound like this is a big woods. It's a long narrow (about 20'W) strip of land left to grow however it wishes.

    ArtCricket2 - I considered sending a picture of the dried wreath to the owner, but then he/she might remove it and then I'd miss it. It's hard to make me happy.

    sue - This muffler story is just another reason I enjoy blogging. Thanks for taking the time to tell it.

  7. I hope your grandson meets Pooh and Piglet too in the hundred acre woods. Stella

  8. Usually I have to talk my kids into hiking with me. Lots of complaining and whining at first and then after a while they realize they are having fun and enjoying nature. Your grandson is lucky to be able to meander about in nature!
    As for the chewed off plant, I wish that deer or whatever read those plant labels too.

  9. Stella - Ohhhh, Pooh and Piglet, two of my favorite characters.

    Rosey Pollen - I didn't know about the poison when ingested part until after I planted the sneezeweed. Do you think I should dig out and destroy the other two plants? So far, they are untouched.


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