July 26, 2009

Red Begonia, White Begonia, Pink Begonia

I don't know if it's my ailing computer or some other problem out there, but I've been unable to successfully leave comments on your blogs nor reply to comments on my own blog. Don't want you thinking that you're being ignored. All visits to Mamma Mia Days are appreciated.

Back to begonias. The fiberous begonias don't get the credit they deserve. There's nothing impressive about them in the spring or early summer, but as the growing season gets hotter and dryer, they flourish and never fail to deliver color. Note to self: plant more begonias in 2010.

Red Begonia

White Begonia

Pink Begonia

New Guinea impatiens can also be counted on for a punch of color in our lightly shaded areas.

This is a wide shot of one of the flower beds along the sidewalk. Nothing particularly gorgeous about it right now because the yarrow, yellow loosestrife and most of the Stellas have finished blooming, but there are black-eye susans, autumn joy sedum and mums in there waiting to put on a show.

Changing the subject completely.....grandson and family are back home safely after an RV trip to Yellowstone National Park and many other places in between. Last night, Phillip and I went to see the movie G-Force in 3D. My goodness, that was fun!


  1. I love begonias! And your walk is something special, I see all kinds of interesting things. Here's hoping your computer woes are over soon!

  2. Hi Donna,
    They are all very gorgeous to me! I will have to check out G-force, sounds like my hubby would like that one. Have you tried refreshing your cookies button? F5? I don't know anything about these darn computers. I just ask my hubby. He can usually figure it out.
    Glad your family was safe.
    I love Sedum, they are always dependable. I saw one the other night in a garden in my town and they were sorta purple looking, wondering what variety they might be. I am going to have to ask the gardener there I think!

  3. The bed next to your sidewalk is lovely, with all of the different colors and textures.

  4. Dear Donna first things first, gladd your fam. is home safely. If only the four of us could make a trip like that. I'm still looking out for a family that want's to extanche houses during the summer.

    Your garden looks pamperd lots. Love the begonias. How are you doing yourself feeling more at rest...I'll be thinking about you my friend. Have a great sunday.

  5. I wonder what's going on with this comment thing? Others have emailed and told me they can't leave comments on mine too. I love your flowers. You've designed the garden so well!

  6. Anonymous26 July, 2009

    I haven't grown begonias in years, they never impressed me. Maybe I should try again. Don't worry about my neighbors reading my blog. There's no chance that they would be reading any garden blogs! Ha! My little hometown in Michigan is called St. Joseph, or St. Joe as the locals call it. So charming!

  7. Impatients....that's what they're called! (I picked some up at the nursery last weekend but they didn't have a name tag & I was too embarrased to ask.)
    Good luck with your 'puter woes!

  8. I always grow a few begonias. I love the angel wings, too.


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