July 8, 2009

It's All About The Blooms

Hens and Chicks
Always Amaze Me
With Such Pretty Flowers

Almost Twenty Years Ago
This Sedum Passed From
My Garden To My Mother's
Where It Still Blooms
Nice Of The Cardinal
To Pose For The Photo
Wildflower Seeds
Tossed In A Field
Full of Weeds
And Dry, Cracked Clay
And Still....
A Colorful Bloom Appeared

Fluffy Pink Astilbe
Not Its Official Name
In Full Bloom
Along The Sidewalk

My Friend, Candace
Has A Rose Garden
She Can't Recall
This Lovely Rose's Name


  1. Hi Donna, Thanks for you great comment on my post about Anne Frank. I feel excactly the same here about you. This connection, it's just stunning how one can feel about somebody when even never met.I wanted to mail you but don't have your adress. Just to let you know that your relatives (or you) can come to me with any questions they have. I sure hope I can help them (holland is small so you never know ;-) So please do mail me, I'm looking forward to it. See now my comment is long too, hihi. And I didn't got to your flowers yet.

    As usual they are great. It seems to me you have the most pampered garden and I love it.
    Thanks for sending out these great flowers.
    Happy weekend and again Hope to hear from your dad so I can thank him properly.

  2. My Hen and chicks never bloom like that. Girl, you certainly do have the magic touch. Thanks for the flowers.

  3. OOOH, I too, am always pleased when Hens and Chicks bloom. I bought a version called "cobweb" and it has flowered, same color as yours. Pretty Astilbe, what a gorgeous color. I haven't ever grown it. Now I want to. It looks like a plant that might withstand hail. I am constantly forgetting names of plants too. No biggy.

  4. I love astilbes - yours is just beautiful, as are all your photos. My astilbes have stopped flowering, and haven't for a few weeks. Now I'm wondering why.

  5. Barefoot from Heaven - Somewhere in this house I have information about my family that has roots in Holland. I've always been proud to have a little bit of Hollander in me.

    Stella - The only magic touch I have is to water, fertilize and let them grow. Oh, and sometimes I touch the plants and talk to them.

    Rosey Pollen - I planted the "cobweb" version this spring. Just a tiny plant about 6 inches across. Nice to know that they also bloom. I'd think your location would be perfect for astilbe. Give them a try.

    Cheryl - The astilbes only bloom for a few weeks and sometimes after that some of my plants getting a little crispy looking and I cut them down to the ground. Depend on where they're planted. They seem to like cooler weather and lots of moisture.

  6. I don't think I've ever seent the blooms of the hen and chicks!
    How do you get your cardinal to pose so nicely?
    The poppy, I love reminders of life that grows so beautifully from hard, cracked, forgotten beginnings.
    I've always been a fan of astilbe.

  7. Those Hens and Chicks really do have pretty blooms, I think I saw the start of a bloom on ours. The white rose really is very pretty!

  8. Well, now I'm feeling cheated. My hens and chicks have never once bloomed....of course they have endured years of neglect and I'm just grateful that they remained faithful and alive. The astilbe is the prettiest I'v ever seen. Just curious- how much time per day do you spend fussing over your gorgeous yard that looks like a park. I hope you are on the garden tour circuit!

  9. Lovely flowers and your photos capture their beauty wonderfully.

  10. Lovely flowers! I don't think I've ever seen Hen and Chicks bloom.

    Could your friend's rose be Sally Holmes?

  11. ArtCricket2 - To see a random bloom where you don't expect to find one is the best. The cardinal, we had to bribe him with safflower seeds.

    gardenerprogress/Catherine - I don't know much about roses, they all look so pretty to me.

    sue - I spend too much time outside working in the yard, probably more time than is healthy.

    Alexandria Sewell - Thank you for the nice compliment. Hope you visit again.

    sweet bay - Sally Holmes? Hmmmmm. Going to check that out as soon as I'm done here. Thanks for the thought.

  12. I'm liking my veggie pictures, too! Hoping rain hold off for the market tomorrow. I'm wanting another Cherokee Purple.
    Thanks for the tip on the cardinal posing.
    Brushed corduroy in the winter is plenty to know about it!

  13. Great pictures! My Hens and Chicks have never bloomed either. I'm going out to give them a talking to.

  14. I'll buy some hen and chicks if you'll come down here and talk to them!
    Thanks for your nice comment about my Amy. She's a peach and I love sharing her!

  15. I think that cardinal is saying you're in his territory! Maybe he's eyeing a spot for a nest? I wish my flowers looked as good as yours do!

  16. Wow, beautiful. I didn't know hens & chicks flowered! Lol* :)

  17. I've never seen a live cardinal. She's a beauty


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