July 6, 2009

A Heart Within A Heart Within A Heart

While Phillip was playing in Duck Creek with his friends trying to catch minnows and crayfish, I walked around with my camera and found this leaf plastered to a rock with water running over it. The rock, the leaf and the hole in the leaf all look like hearts to me.

Drove by this house and looking at it made me wonder how the people living there can stand having ivy grow over the windows. Gives me the creeps. I like it growing every place but over the windows. Guess the ivy got out of control and took over before the owners could figure out what to do.

Came home one evening about 8:30 and everything outside had such a pretty, rosy glow about it. The rosy glow doesn't show up in the photo but it's still a nice view from our front door. Less than four months ago this was still all under snow.

Speaking of snow, every winter I have Phillip pack some snow into a plastic bag and then we keep it in the freezer until July. Some years we do icicles. Here he is in January collecting some snow that he chopped from a snowbank.

And here he is a few days ago with the dirty chunk of snow that's been taking up space in our freezer for five months.

Hey, a kid's gotta do what a kid's gotta do to have fun.


  1. Your grandson is going to have such great memories of you. It sounds like you're always doing something fun.
    The ivy would bother me too, I think it's bad enough when people let shrubs get huge and block their windows.
    Your front garden is so pretty, it looks like a great place to sit and relax.

  2. Donna,
    What a fantastic idea, putting snow away for summertime. My son has frozen hail before, but the snow sounds a lot more fun.
    I loved your "glowing" garden. We call that the gloaming, an old-fashioned term my kids laugh at.
    Also loved the heart photo. I love finding hearts in nature. There is a dead tree with a little heart in it from a woodpecker, I always pass it on the hiking trail near my house.

  3. Great post Donna. I love the pictures of the water running over the 2 hearts, your front garden, and your grandson holding the snow from last winter. It's wonderful that you have such a close relationship with him.

  4. You come up with the best grandma ideas, really!
    I drove by a house here in Louisville, several years ago, that had the same issue with the ivy but all over all of the windows. What a claustrophobic site!
    Isn't it nice to see hearts in everything? Doesn't surprise me a bit.

  5. I love your gardening blog. I'm new to gardening and appreciate all that I can learn from you garden experts.

    As someone who enjoys photography too, I love your photos.

  6. That ivy is gross! Its like an alien lifeform..ugh! The leaf is so neat! I lvoe the snow....that will be a memory he will always cherish

  7. What great pictures! I have to agree, ivy-covered windows go along with horror movies and masked men popping out from behind your shower curtain. No thank you!
    And I love that you guys save snow!! That's so cool. My boys fantasize about seeing real snow. Here at Disney they make "snoap" for the kids to play in around xmas-time. It's a weird concoction of soap and fake snow that stings when it gets in your eyes - LOL.

  8. Oh I envy your garden. All the work you've put in it with so much love... Great, just great.
    And that house, would give me the creeps too. Still it's a beautiful house.
    And your grandson...he's adorible wanna to have that snow in the freezer, great thought little one.

    Then the heart.. took my breath away. Stunning picture Donna, and so wonderful you saw it at is was. I think it's a sighn and you will have happy days to come. Hugs from me to you my friend.

  9. I love the snow idea. What a great grandma thing.

    The ivy on the house reminds me of one of those scary movies, but I do understand that once it gets a hold, ivy can be a real pain to control.

  10. What a beautiful picture of the leaf. You see beauty in small things. What a wonderful talent.

  11. Thanks for the laugh, Donna! Those photos of Philip are precious! The leaf was pretty, and I didn't notice any goofy sentences.


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