July 28, 2009

Barefoot From Heaven

One of the many blogs that I enjoy reading is Barefoot From Heaven and for more than a week now I've been unable to successfully leave comments there. For a few days, I had this problem with comments on almost every blog I visited but that seems better now. So, Dagmar, if you're reading this, please know that I'm reading your blog and enjoying it as much as ever.

When Annabelles are in the photo, it always looks pretty to me. I have two containers filled with impatiens and hypoestes (pink splash) but only one shows up in the photo. Bought the containers at a rummage sale back in the spring for $1.00 each. I like them a lot.

This pot of lavender impatiens continues to do well even though it gets too much sun and I worry it will tumble off the tree stump it sits on.

There are almost 40 hostas growing in our yard and they all seem to like it here. Since taking this picture I've cut off the bloom stalks on all hostas except the ones in the backyard and once they're in full bloom and I've taken a picture, off with their heads. Big Sky Sundown coneflowers behind the hostas. They were planted in 2008 and would benefit from more moisture.

This Pretty Hosta
Deserves A Solo Photo

Our new sweet kitty with the amber eyes looking out the window. If you'd told us a month ago that we'd enjoy having a cat, we'd have called you CRAZY. Guess what? We're CRAZY about Alley.


  1. Hi Donna - I've only got a couple Hostas and they are blooming as well. Is it OK to cut of the blooming stems? I don't like the way they look right now but I thought it was bad or something to cut of the flower.

  2. YOur hostas are GROGEOUS!!! I wish mine would get that big...I suppose they will oneday!

  3. I have to confess I don't know what a blooming hosta looks like...didn't know what a hosta looked like until 30 seconds ago). Why do you want to cut off the blooms?
    I do love the pink impatients on the stump:)

  4. All of your pictures are so pretty. I love the Annabelles too.
    I think your new kitty is so cute, I miss having a cat.

  5. Your hostas look great. I need to buy more hostas for my yard. Do you have any favorites? Aren't impatients great flowers. They always aare so dependable.

  6. I'm not wild about hosta flowers either, but I'm not brave enough to lop them off till they are spent. I'm also not crazy about the flowers on my Palace Purple Heuchera, but the bees love it so I guess I'll leave them be. I don't need to worry about my gallardia self seeding, it's big enough! I just enjoy the fluffy seed heads, so I hate to deadhead it.

  7. Hi Donna, Between messing with my blog and having to do other things, I am further behind my blog reading than usual. Thanks for your compliment on my header photo. Yours is a new one, isn't it? I like it, and it is centered! I'm trying to remember if your background was always black. I like it, too.

    Your kitty looks like a sweetie. That's a cool photo, with her reflection included.

    I hope your computer issues are resolved. People sometimes have trouble leaving comments on my blog. I made a change someone requested awhile back, but people have had problems since then. I allow comments from anyone, and they don't have to verify a word, so it should be easy.

    Have a great week!

  8. Your cat is beautiful -- such a deep rich color.

    Your hostas are lovely! I only have two hostas -- Royal Standard or H. plantingea (prob. RS) from my grandmother, and H. ventricosa. Too many other creatures like them besides me, so I can't really grow them for their foliage.

  9. Your hostas are so lush and full. They must get just the right amount of sunshine. Your Cat is very pretty. They do steal your heart.

  10. What gorgeous hostas - and not a sign of snail damage anywhere. Do you mean to say you don't have rampant snails? I'm coming right over there...


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