July 11, 2009

I Knew What She Was Thinking

She was thinking that if she sat still, she'd blend into the mulch and I'd walk on by, but she was wrong. I shot her with my camera. I know this rabbit is a she because yesterday there were several baby bunnies running around playing and this brown-eyed mother was nearby.
Then there was this cute chipmunk and there's no denying they're cute even when they're being destructive. Eventually it made its way into the Havahart Live Animal Trap and I drove it four miles to Quarry Park where it was released. It's the same spot I've been releasing chipmunks for the last ten years. I really should put a little orange paint on the tips of their tails to see if they're making their way back here.

The prickly pear cactus is blooming and looking pretty. This photo was taken in the sun and so it's full of shadows and doesn't do the plant justice. It was given to me three years ago by my mother's friend who had it growing in her garden and it always seems to have flowers on my parents' anniversary, so now I refer to it as the Anniversary Cactus.
The astilbe are still going strong and looking better than ever. The birth bath jumped into the picture to get a little attention because the birds have for the most part ignored it all summer.

The first time I published this post it had some problems, so I tried again. I still see one goofy sentence when I look at the preview. You probably think that all of my sentences are goofy. Not that important. Will publish the post the way it is.


  1. I shot a bunny in my garden today, too...also with the camera. :) Your astilbe looks beautiful! I like the picture with the birdbath. Very pretty! ~~Rhonda

  2. Donna,
    We are a lot alike I think, I have always wanted to spray paint those chipmunks tails too, to see if they were the same ones.
    I have had so many chipmunks lately. It's a population explosion. I was driving one yesterday to release at pond near my place and it got out in my truck. Too funny. It was a baby and quickly hop across my lap:Luckily, I did not wreck. I think next time I will be more careful.
    I don't think your sentences are goofy at all, I love them!

  3. Goofy sentences? Not you. Love the peak at your wildlife. The astilbe are so pretty, I like the different colors together. Sweet that you've renamed your blooming cactus to honor your parents' anniversary.
    I went on a great hike through some friends rural property yesterday. Wished I'd thought to bring a camera. A lot of wildflowers, even though it has gotten quite hot here. We found a Buckeye tree, which was fun. I'll post about it today or tomorrow.

  4. Oops, "peek", more of my lack of self-editing!

  5. The rabbits that hang around our hay shelter are so tame we have to take care not to step on them. I like the painted tail idea for the chipmunks lol.

    Is your Prickly Pear planted in the ground, or is it potted? Your Astilbe are looking lovely. They tend to sulk here in our heat. I can't say as I blame them.

  6. How sweet you are to catch and release them! I love kind souls like you. The cactus flowers are gorgeous. I saw a lot more of those in West Texas. In East Texas, more pines!

  7. I guess I'm blind 'cause I didn't see one goofy sentence! The animals are cute...can you capture the bunny in your Have A Heart trap? They can be pretty destructive. My astilbe are still blooming, too. Your parents' anniversary must be in June/July --my parents' was too;-) The yellow cactus bloom is lovely.

  8. I've only seen chipmunks once before while on vacation and I thought they were gorgeous! I had no clue people trapped them and released them elsewhere for being destructive! I assumed they just did their own thing... what do they do exactly that's so destructive to a garden?

  9. I love the flowering cactus. How cool to be able to grow that. Also loved the astilbe. Did I spell that right. I'm just so bad with flower names.

    You are very nice to catch and release the chipmunks. I wonder if 4 miles is far enough. I'll have to do some googling.

  10. TY Donna for popping over to my blog. Are you a follower? I should've checked. Yes, MN is beautiful & has gorgeous lakes. I hope you will be back often ... visit our giveaway. I enjoyed reading your blog tonight. Have a lovely weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

  11. I have one of each in my garden, including the same bird bath. I shoot something in my garden every. ( camera )


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