March 27, 2009

Today's Yard Action

The weather forecast for the weekend is rain and snow with daytime temperatures only in the 30's. Not much to look forward to in the garden/growing department.

Today I found these crocus trying their hardest to reach for the sun. They were planted last fall and are the first I've had in many years. I like how the squirrels move the corns around and come spring there are colorful surprises to be found in unexpected places.

The daylilies are showing a little bit of green. With the big oak tree gone, they'll get more sunshine and should give us more color than years past.

There are still patches of snow to be found in the yard but that hasn't stopped the Muscari armeniacum from pushing up out of the ground. They are small grape-colored hyacinths, about 4-8 inches tall.

HH up on our roof top with his blower. Should a 61-year old man really be doing such a thing?

This is the cute dwarf hamster we bought for our grandson's birthday. They'll be meeting each other for the first time tomorrow.


  1. Donna you are so funny. I post all the pretty pix to keep myself motivated. We have a short growing season, so I need to get my engine revved up and ready by May 15 (our last hard frost date). Things shut down for annuals and such around here Mid September. So that's how I handle all the famous Seattle "gray" and "mist". You know we have about 20 different ways to describe rain here!

    I *love* Italy and hope to see more gardens in France someday too. I enjoy what's growing in your part of the world... its not boring - its fascinating to see nature at work, where ever it may be!

  2. BTW my husband (44) walks around in the pouring rain and cleans the gutters. He did that early this week in his flip flops. Nice.

  3. Hi Donna,
    I love that you know all the official names of all your plants. I'm lucky if I recognize a tulip. Still enjoy them though. Headed outside with my camera for find signs of growth around my house. (I won't be doing anything up on my roof. Is he crazy?)


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