March 29, 2009


We woke up this morning to fresh snow covering the grass and all the flower beds. When P3 looked outside, he said, "Oh, Grandma, it looks just like Christmas morning." Since he seemed to be happy about the snow, I decided to change my attitude and look at it through his eyes. This brown-eyed boy never fails to make me see the good things in life. So, I'm not going to whine about the weather.

Here's a photo of P3 and Theo meeting for the first time on Saturday morning. This isn't the hamster cage, but a plastic container that worked well for getting to know each other. They took an immediate liking to one another. We went to the library in the afternoon and brought home a few books about taking care of a hamster....along with 14 other books. They have a new system at our library where you can check out the books yourself by scanning your card and all the bar codes on the books. P3 was able to do all this and it made him feel important.

By the time he went home this afternoon, he and Theo had become best of friends.

He named him Theo because his friend, Caitlyn, has a hamster named Leo, and he's pretty sure that Theo and Leo are cousins. Leo's in the photo below along with Caitlyn, Joe and P3.


  1. A sweet introduction! And yes, children do help us look at the world around us from a different perspective.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. I see that family resemblance between Theo and Leo. Now, is Theo living at your house or Phillip's? You just won the best best best grandmother award hands down.


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