March 25, 2009

Little Bits of Spring

The columbine (aquilegia ruby port) that was planted in 2008 showed her face yesterday. The flowers will be a wine red color.

This is the first hyacinth (delta blue) to push its way out of the earth in '09. They are a particular favorite of mine in the spring. Wish I'd remember in the fall to plant many, many more.

The yellow loosestrife looks pink when it shows up in the spring and is the ONLY color to be found right now. I'm aware that many people around the country would never have it in their yard because of its invasive nature. Not sure if its because I'm in zone 4 or because it's growing in clay soil, but in 5 years it's only spread a little and when it does move beyond the space allowed, it's easily removed. It's very reliable and gives us a beautiful yellow show in early summer. PURPLE LOOSESTRIFE......considered a nuisance species in Wisconsin and it's illegal to sell, distribute or cultivate the plants or seeds. Very undesirable, takes over the wetlands and destroys the habitat.

When we first moved to this house in 1993, we were lucky to have a few bloodroot growing in the yard. New landscaping covered them up and they never reappeared. I've missed them and think about them every spring. The name comes from the plant having a root system that looks blood red and contains a bright red-orange juice. If you want to learn more, you can take a Spring Wildflower Walk with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources by going here. Bloodroot pictured below....thanks to the WI DNR. Later in the spring, I'll have photos of the wildflowers that do grow in my yard, but sadly not the bloodroot.


  1. Oh, isn't it exciting to see the emergence of new life? Everything has popped out here in KY. Daffodils, Bradford Pear trees, Tulip Poplars, another kind of yellow poplar, forsythia, my daylily leaves and the grass is green!
    I love your comments on my blog. Who needs to know about art as long as they enjoy it?

  2. I'm back again. Do you keep a nature journal? Date when things come up to go with your picture? Keeping track of where the sun hits areas throughout the year? Here is a cute idea for one:

  3. Donna, thanks for sharing what is emerging in your garden. I love all the up close shots. Here in western WA, we are behind by about 2 weeks from the big spring explosion. I guess global warming isn't happening in my part of the country. Columbines readily sow in my yard and I adore them too. Have a great day! ~ Melinda

  4. Donna, it's nice to see all that is springing up in your garden. Being in Texas,I forget that others are still weathering snow.
    Very nice close up shots.


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