March 24, 2009

National Record Holder for Milk and Fat

I'm at Pannache Salon getting my hair cut and colored (not that my hair NEEDS color) when Kristi tells me the good news about her boyfriend's cow, Pixy.

Lost Elm Prelude Pixy ET 911151 has set a new national production record for milk and fat. Calving at 4 years 10 months and in her third lactation, she produced in 365 days 58,826 lbs of milk, 3,286 lbs of fat and 1,889 lbs of protein. This corresponds to an incredible 75,389 lbs of Energy Corrected Milk (ECM). Pixy is owned by Jason Luttropp and was bred by Jerry and Phyllis Luttrop. Pixy and the Luttropps all reside in Berlin, WI.

I obtained the photo and record information from a Wisconsin Purebred Dairy Cattle Association publication.

In spite of what you may have heard/seen in a certain commercial, happy cows do NOT come from California. We're the ones with America's Dairyland on our license plates. Happy gardens in California, yes, but with all due respect, the really happy cows are here in Wisconsin. I told Kristi I'd post this news about Pixy and I'm sure cows all over America are happy about it.


  1. That Pixy is something to be proud about!!!! You must tell your hairdresser that you wrote this on your blog!

  2. Bravo to Pixy and way to stand up for your state of Wisconson. You got to love great cows news (I'm a city girl and truly do enjoy learning about this side of life.)
    I'll have to work on posting some good automobile news, so I can do the same for Michigan.


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