March 18, 2009

Mom and Dad

Helped my mother work in her yard this morning. She didn't ask for help, but it was my pleasure to do so and we had fun together. She's 80 years old and amazing.

Together we raked up all the pine cones, put them in the wheelbarrow and hauled them off to the wooded area at the back of their yard. I also cleaned up her flower beds where she had left all the autumn joy sedum and various hostas over the winter.

We went inside to take a break and watch Muffy take a nap. There are times that I'd like to be a cat....curl up in a ball and sleep all day.

A new birth bath was needed, so we headed off to a garden center...lots of good stuff there. Here's my cute mom trying to decide which one to buy. When we got home, we set the bb up and filled it with water. Mother and the birds are all happy.

And here she is looking even cuter trying to decide which colorful bobble head lawn ornament to buy. She does love her lawn ornaments. I bought for myself some summer-flowering bulbs; miniature white dahlias (I'm liking white flowers these days), and some mixed-color freesia.

This is my 85 year old dad. He's funny and makes me laugh. You'll notice that he's wearing two different color shoes. It seems that one foot is thicker than the other, not longer or wider, just thicker and all his shoes are uncomfortable. He wanted me to know that he has another pair of shoes just like the ones he's wearing in the photo in his closet. That's a Green Bay Packer Superbowl sweatshirt he's wearing. They last won the SB in 1997. He doesn't plan to buy any new clothes until all the ones he has are worn out completely.

It was a good day and I love them both. Not sure why I have so much trouble with spacing between photos and amount of editing seems to help.


  1. Great post about your folks! Which birdbath did she buy? One in the photos? My mom is 80 also and active as can be except for a bad rotator that is torn and needs surgery in April.
    My dad's no longer with us, so enjoy every minute!

  2. Looks to me like your folks have a sizeable yard! Glad they have such a young daughter to help them! I love your dad's shoes. There is a great liberty that falls on us all at some point in life when we let ourselves select things based on comfort and not "appearance". I realize I should have fought that off until an older age, but at 53 I've gone ahead and embraced it! The nice thing in the pictures is I see no snow!


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