March 6, 2009

New To Me

I've never seen broccolini in a grocery store or at a farmer's market although I've seen cactus pads for $.99 a pound, but that's another story. Never even heard of broccolini until recently and now I see it on cooking shows and on recipe websites like Dianne's Dishes.

Greek yogurt is new to me, but I've quickly become a huge fan. It costs more than regular yogurt, but worth every penny. The Chobani brand is in my refrigerator right now, but Fage is preferred. It's all delicious.

If you've all been eating broccolini and Greek yogurt for years, please don't tell me. Let me think that I've introduced you to something new.


  1. Donna, I just discovered Greek yogurt, too. I saw a recipe that used it and had to do a little searching to find it. You are right, it is so much better than the regular.

    Always Growing

  2. Just this week came across a recipe that called for it. Do you find it in the same place in the grocery as regular? Or can you even get it at the regular grocery? You know I will now be on a mission to have that, and the broccolini too- a seed of curiosity has been planted!


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