March 4, 2009


Some of you lucky people have daffodils and other spring flowers blooming in your gardens. I'm not one of those people as evidenced by the photo below which was taken yesterday afternoon in the parking lot at Wal-Mart. Dirty snow in the front, pristine snow in the back.

Last Friday we had another snowstorm. Luckily, my handyman was out there with his snowblower to clean it off the driveway and from the looks of it, that Ariens has some snow-throwing power.

So, even though daffodils aren't blooming here right now, we have hope and know our day is coming.

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  1. Just the thought of "dirty" snow is depressing. My husband lived in DeKalb IL furing grad school. I visited one winter and dirty snow was everywhere!
    Here's wishing spring comes soon!


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