March 21, 2009

Getting Dirty In The Kitchen

No! Not THAT kind of dirty. P3 will be here today and one of the things we'll do is plant some seeds in the little Jiffy greenhouse. The sowing of seeds will take place on my kitchen counter. No particular reason for using cilantro and lavender seeds other than he likes to eat cilantro and enjoys having lavender oil rubbed on his feet before going to bed. He's also collected a few apple and orange seeds to plant. One year we planted grass seed only and he was amazed by it. If I remember correctly, the "Don't Throw It, Grow It" book was recommended by Kathy at Cold Climate Gardening.

Here he is on "seed sowing day" in 2007. I'm doing my best to spark his interest in growing things. He has a small collection of house plants here at our house that he's responsible for watering every week. He's learned the names and a couple weeks ago he had the idea to use his ruler to measure how tall they were and record that information on piece of paper. So many lessons learned on that day.

One day last spring he came out of kindergarten carrying a paper bag that contained a peat pot with a couple of sunflower sprouts.

He tended to the sprouts at my house and when they were big enough to be transplanted we put them in a pot with some petunias where they did quite well and he was able to observe their progress. Later in the summer, we saw goldfinches eating the sunflowers seeds from the flower heads. Another lesson learned.


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog today. We just got started so we appreciate the feedback.

    I did the seed thing last year on my kitchen counter. It we great fun, but I some difficulty in the transfer to the outside. Some survived, other...not so much. I think I may have started too soon and they out grew their little pots.


  2. How nice that you can see your grandson so often! I've done a few garden things with my granddaughter but as she lives 500 miles away and is only almost 2 we haven't had time to do too much yet. But I have hopes that we can do some seed planting eventually!

  3. Looks fun. I will be doing the same with my 9 year old this weekend. Today he picked broccoli and carrot seeds. Should be fun. I am looking forward to trying nicotiana and Bells of Ireland. Thank you for the inspiring words!

  4. What a wonderful start to Spring! Your blog and Sue's are my first each day, and I love starting my day with both of you.

  5. These are experiences that will certainly educate him and be lasting memories of time spent with you.


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