February 20, 2009

This and That

Nothing about my garden to report, but yesterday I did sit with my mother and page through the Jung Seed catalog with her. She pointed out some annuals that she'd like for me to plant in pots for her in the spring. My 85 year-old dad has been saying all winter that he's done with planting tomatoes, but now he's talking about having at least one plant. Here he is with his tomatoes and cucumbers in 2007.

The next time you're in San Diego and feel like you need a "break", you might want to head here.

This time-waster was mentioned in Redbook and since I'm a fan of wasting time, I decided to take a look. It was strangely relaxing. When you get to the website, click on Enter JacksonPollock.org and then follow these TIPS from Redbook: Drag the mouse around to create. Linger longer for bigger splotches of paint. Click to change colors. Press the space bar to clear the canvas.

Here's a sunset photo taken Christmas Eve at P & N's house. It's every bit as pretty as a sunset at the beach, so says the gal with her roots firmly planted in the north.


  1. I don't blame your dad for still wanting to do at least one tomato plant. I'll bet he does more.

    Always Growing

  2. Seems like our Dads are at about the same stage of gardening. For several years my Dad (83) has said he's not going to grow tomatoes, but he always has until this year. They have to be grown in a greenhouse in the North of Scotland, and that involves much work in watering and tying the plants on to twine. He's being realistic, but I know he feels sad about it.


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