February 18, 2009

Pumpkin Planning

I've been trying to think of a gardening project to do with Phillip. Have decided we'll grow a couple of pumpkin plants in a container. The plants will be started inside and then transplanted to the container when they have three to four leaves. The container will be very large and filled with a good loose potting soil. The vines can travel as far as 30 feet. Pumpkins need lots of sunshine, nutrients and water. Then there are issues like pollination, diseases and bugs. Our goal will be to harvest at least one pumpkin, not a field full like in this photo taken last fall at the Pumpkin Patch. If anyone has grown a pumpkin plant in a container, please tell me about it.

The two photos below were taken this morning. So now you now why I can only plan and dream about gardening.


  1. It's beautiful and made for spring dreaming! I remember days like this when my son and I played outside for what seemed like forever but weren't long enough for him! gail

  2. I see you are a new blogger, you'll love it! I'm Sue's friend, Beth, in Louisville. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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