February 24, 2009

Spring, Where Are You?

The only sign of spring approaching my neighborhood is the few minutes of extra daylight added to each day. Other than that, P3 is still having to play with his Bionicle in the snow and bring icicles in the house to melt in the kitchen sink.

"Eat a live frog in the morning and nothing worse can happen to you all day." Signs of Spring by Laurel Lee. Look carefully and you'll see three tiny frogs in the photo below. I was babysitting these frogs for P3 a couple summers ago. The container was sitting outside and a bird swooped down and ate them. I had a lot of explaining to do.


  1. Yes, I am Amy's mom and we did meet at Gretchen's wedding! I saw a woman who looked a lot like your profile picture on my plane to SEattle. Do you have a sister who'd be traveling there?

  2. And we met again at Faye and Bob's wedding, didn't we? Didn't Amy have a blog at one time? Sue put me on to it and I read it often and then for a reason I don't remember, I lost track of it? My sister wasn't on the plane to Seattle although I bet she'd enjoy the trip.


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