February 17, 2009

Einstein Project

Last Saturday I took my six-year old grandson to visit the Einstein Science Expo, where there were 88 science booths to visit. Many of the booths included hands-on activities for children of all ages and Phillip was most interested in the one called Extracting DNA Glop from Wheat Germ. It was all the test tubes and the word glop that got his attention. His one burning science question to me was, "Was Albert Einstein related to Frankenstein?"


To keep the gardening theme going here, take a look at all my pots waiting for some spring love. It's shameful how they're banished to the back of the house from November through April.


  1. I don't think it is so bad that your containers are next to the house in winter. With all that snow, who notices, and they are ready to be pulled out once spring comes. I can't wait to see what will be in them.

    Always Growing

  2. And the FridenSTINES are also of the lineage of Albert and Frank.

  3. Hi Donna - I work for The Einstein Project and saw your blog about bringing your grandson to the Science Expo. I wonder if I might have your permission to put your comments about the event on our website? Thank you!
    Connie Greenawald
    connie@einsteinproject.org or (920)884-8800


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