April 15, 2011

Milk-White Flowers

The Garden Snowdrop is such a pretty little flower. According to The Plant Expert, the flowers look like three drops of milk hanging from a stem. This accounts for the Latin name Galanthus which means "milk-white flowers". I found this one blooming on April 4 in the natural area on the west side of our house.

Crocuses are very popular and with good reason. They come back year after year, slowly muliply and come in beautiful colors like purple, yellow, white, mauve and blue. These have been in my garden since 2008.  They started blooming about a week after the Snowdrops. Last fall I planted white crocuses that haven't bloomed yet, but I'm looking forward to the show. 

No, I didn't climb the tree to get the photo of this nest. I used my zoom...being the zoomer that I am. We were driving along the Fox River and spotted this nest up high in a very tall tree on the river bank. It's common for bald eagles and ospreys to nest along the shores of Lake Michigan and the Fox River. I can't say for sure that this nest belongs to either one of those birds. It's just my guess. Darn birds...they could at least put out a sign identifying who lives there.

The Coo-Coo Kid had a birthday last weekend. His sweet mother made this Dirt Cake for his friend party on Saturday. She served it up with a plastic shovel and the kids loved it.

The next day the family gathered to celebrate our much loved brown-eyed boy and there was another cake. It was his ninth birthday. He asked recently if anyone had left a comment on his blog. I told him that he needed to publish a new post in order to get new comments. He has something in mind. Stay tuned.


  1. I hope that CC boy had a marvelous birthday, he sure had some yummy cakes and treats!
    I consider the crocus and snowdrops a treat in and of themselves.
    It is good spring is finally coming your way. You deserve it after the long, snowy winter!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, always makes my day to hear from you in Wisconsin.

  2. Beautiful flowers for sure. Now that nest intruigues me.

  3. Sallie (FullTime-Life)15 April, 2011

    I like these snowdrops much better than the ones in your previous post! In fact I'm a little jealous. I actually miss Spring flowers as we have none of the typical ones here. (Bill says it's a good trade -- no winter, no spring)!

    Happy belated b-d to your handsome grandson. And happy spring to all of you.

  4. Welcome Springtime in Wisconsin!
    Have a wonderful day with your cute grandson!

    Gabriella from London

  5. Wishing spring would show up here ... belated greetings to that special boy!

  6. Love the snow drops! And why in the world have I never had crocus? All my favorite colors at my favorite time of the year?
    We bought zinna seeds tonight- a hopeful sign.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday dear P! May all your dreams come true.

  8. We just celebrated Luke's b-day on Sunday. So many April birthday's in our family.

    Happy Birthday Phillip. Let us know when he posts so we can all leave him a comment.

    Great cake.

  9. I am so glad that CC had such a great birthday. I will have to check out his blog soon and see what he is up to. Maybe he will show us his birthday stuff. Or digging into his dirt cake. The boys used to get a dirt cake once in a while. I will never forget one that my sister made for Parker on his birthday on Halloween. (How lucky am I to have a little guy born on that day.) She made it into a graveyard with headstones and everything. When you dug into it there were, gummy brains, feet, hands, worms etc. Crazy stuff and the kids loved it.

    I love the flowers. Crocus are so pretty and come in such a variety of colors. I have some that come up under my succulents just about every year. I planted them so long ago and thought they were gone. Then surprise!

  10. Happy Birthday to CooCooKid!!! Love those dirt cakes...they are actually delicious! Clever to put it into a bucket like that! LOL. Your crocuses are so sweet...I can't wait to see the Sparaxis I planted a few weeks ago. So far only 5 of 15 bulbs have sprouted! I hope they will all get up!

  11. My white crocus are the last crocus to bloom, so yours are sure to come, soon!

  12. Happy Birthday Phillip! Love the Dirt Cake. :)

  13. A happy belated birthday to Phillip! Dirt cake is one of my favorites, too--hope Mom didn't put in any gummy worms, though:)

    Good to see your snowdrops and crocuses, Donna; that surely means spring is on its way to you, too. I had two measly snowdrops bloom this year--their first ever--but I was so happy to see them!

  14. Happy Birthday to the CCK! Love the cake. Are crocus and snowdrop just the best? Just when you think there is no hope for spring, here they come!

  15. Yellow and Purple are some of my favorite colors in the garden, they pair so well together.

    I like that dirt Birthday cake in the bucket, it's fun and unique.

    Happy birthday to the brown eyed boy who's blog we love to visit. can't wait to see what the Coo-Coo kid displays for us this year.

    Happy Easter to you and Family!

  16. my sister makes dirt cake all the time for her kids....LOVE IT !!!....worms and all !!!

  17. I don't think I've grown those snowdrops before. I sure like them.

    Happy birthday to Phillip! I like both cakes, but that dirt one sure is cool!

  18. Finally have my own snowdrops this year. Glad to see you have some too. Sorry you didn't win them from Carolyn's Shade Gardens! What a great birthday cake...both of them actually; but my favorite is the dirt cake. Perfectly served in the pail with shovel.


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