November 12, 2010

Holding Hands

Sharing life for better or worse
Their hands,
worn of work and care,
have earned a living
have cooked
have wiped a feverish brow
have waved goodbye
have guided
have held on
have let go,
rest now in the comfort
of each other.

Author - Richard Sidy

To read the complete poem, go to Life's Lessons.

This is a photo of my mother holding my dad's hand in hers. It was taken during a Veteran's Program at the nursing home where my dad now lives. I don't know exactly what the future holds for them, but yesterday was a good day.


  1. What a lovely and touching photo, Donna. My parents have been married now for 62 years, and their strong bond has been an inspiration to our whole family. I'm glad your father had a good day yesterday--my wishes for many more of those good days for him.

  2. So beautiful Donna. A few sweet days can fuel us for some of the rougher ones. Thanks for giving my day this tender sweet start.

  3. Thank you for that inspiring picture. We never know where life will lead us. Those warm moments are the fuel that sustains us. Best wishes to your mom and dad.

  4. What a blessing for a good day shared ... and a life.

  5. Donna,

    That photo says so much. Hands can say so much. I understand your challenges. I'm glad yesterday was a good day.

  6. When life get tough it's always good to have a hand to hang on to. Great photo. What blessed memories.

  7. How beautiful...what a wonderful poem. I'm glad they had a good day!!! Every good day is a day to be treasured.

  8. Donna -- that is so beautiful -- thank you for sharing.

    My best wishes to you mom and dad and to you all.

  9. Hi Donna, oh how I love hands...old ones and baby ones...the behold some thing magical.

    And your mom and dad sure did...
    Hope they will be fine for a long time to come.
    Hugs D.

  10. Hello Donna,
    That surely is a tender moment and poem. LOve the photo of holding hands. I want to go hug my husband now. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.

  11. I hope your family has many more good days. That is a beautiful picture to go along with the poem.

  12. What a wonderful photo! I am so glad that they had a great day. I am hoping for many more to come.

  13. A special poem and picture to go with it. Very sweet Donna.

  14. So sweet Donna, I'm glad you thought to photograph their loving hands together!

  15. This photo just set my Monday morning to rights, as I snatch a quick peek at the blogging world before going off to a frantic day at work. THIS is what matters in the world, nothing else.

  16. What a sweet picture. I'm so glad it was a good day for them. I worked in a nursing home for many years and was always so touched by the spouses that would visit and just sit and hold hands. You can just feel the love.

  17. Such a sweet photo and beautiful words. I am touched. Thank you for sharing, Donna.


  18. Donna your photo brought me to tears, it is so touching and beautiful.

    My parent's have been married for 48 years and we have had a few close calls with my dad and his health.

    Since than every day is a special day, for we are thankful that at 80 he has made it through the rough spots!

    Here's wishing you and your family a happy Thanksgiving!


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