November 16, 2010

Delicious Autumn!

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns."  -  George Eliot

When I was younger and would see the leaves change color, I'd try to remember exactly how photosynthesis worked. As the years passed, I stopped trying to figure it out and decided to just let the fall colors surprise and delight me.

October 5
The fall color in my neighborhood is bright and brilliant.

October 11
Our front yard.
The color is fading and
the leaves are falling.
The bushes and plants have all been
pruned or cut down and have
begun their long winter rest.

October 15
Meadowbrook Park.
A thicket of orange and yellow Sumac.
The photo was taken at night while walking
 wooded trails lit only by jack o lanterns and luminaries.

October 23
It's getting harder to find pretty color,
but tan's not a bad color when it comes
in the form of these showy grasses.
We have four clumps of them,
two on each side of the driveway.
Not sure of the name.......
Maiden Grass, Eulalia, Chinese Silver Grass?

October 30
I've no idea the name of this ornamental tree,
but to be this pretty in late October is amazing.
The pink makes it look like spring.
It's in a neighbor's yard.

November 11
This small building has made
other appearances on my blog.
No matter the season, it catches
my eye as I drive by it.

In case you wanted a better look at what's
in the second story window, here it is.

November 11
And now we're down to this.
One solitary red apple.


  1. What great photos. I love to watch the colors change.

  2. I love seeing that progression Donna. Are those plants that are cut back in October already dormant? I can't imagine doing that so early down here! :-)

  3. Dear Donna,

    First of all, I like this new blog the heck did you do it? Very convenient to look at all your posts and click on the latest and greatest. ( they are all great, mind you.)
    I like the colors you shared today. It was nice to see some because all I have seen today is brown and white. Snow and more dirty snow. Thank goodness we get plenty of sunshine because I am looking forward to the blue sky to cheer me up on these cloudy, wintry days.

    I so appreciate your thoughtful comments.

    Enjoy your day!


  4. I loved seeing the fall color in your part of the country. My favorite shot is the one of your front yard with the bench. The yellow is amazing!

  5. This is just a wonderful trip through this wonderful season Donna!! I think it's best just to accept the changes as magic too -- as soon as youve once learned the basic scientific principles).

    (The only trouble with Autumn it is it doesn't ever last long enough.)

    I'm so glad we decided to come back to Oregon so that we got to see it (October just wouldn't be the same in Florida.)

  6. Just checking to see if you have approval enabled or whether I lost my comment.

  7. This is what I like every Autumn, lots of beautiful colors.Now, I miss it so much.We are on our last month of Spring and the days are getting warmer now. You are living in a beautiful place and I love all the colours around you. Your photos are beautiful. Wonderfully captured.

    Thank you for always visiting my blog and for all the sweet comments.Greatly appreciated.

    Hugs from down under.

  8. That lone apple ... the epitome of autumn. Lovely, vibrant, photos.

  9. Neat to see the progression. We have had such odd fall weather that our tress have just been holding on to their leaves. There is a row of red maples I walk under when I walk Willow that were so beautiful yesterday that I vowed to return today to take pictures. Today it has rained all day (yay!!) and the wind has blown hard, so I may have missed my chance.

  10. Amazing autumn shots! I would love to have that view from my house

    PS: thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment.

  11. Wonderful color sequence Donna. You had the eye for it! :)

  12. I love this show of the progression of fall in your neighborhood, Donna. The sumac is really dazzling in the dark--what a great photo! I wonder what that pink tree is; it certainly does remind me of spring. But I can wait for spring--there's nothing quite as glorious or beautiful as an autumn day.

  13. Oh Donna these colors are the best. How I love the change fall brings to us. And now we will rest just as the plants are.

    Did you take that apple...I probably couldn't resist. Wanna bite my teeth in it.

    Bye beautiful lady and thanks for your constant warm comments on my blog. As always they are still a treat to me.
    Hugs Dagmar

  14. You had beautiful fall color in your neighborhood! I love your neighbor's pink tree. Such a fine lacy texture too. I wonder if it's a Euonymous.

  15. Hello! Donna I love those colorful Autumn day photos. I think that ornamental tree is fabulous! I'd like to have what ever it is..

    Here's wishing you and family a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  16. I just kept scrolling through your photos thinking, that won't grow here, that won't grow here. If it were just ten degrees warmer in winter, I think my autumns would be more colorful.

    Make do, or do without, as grandpa says. I love the dramatic grasses you have by your driveway. Nice of them to be attractive even when dead!

    Christine in Alaska

  17. Hi Donna,
    I think my Grandma had that game...Tickle bee. It sounds vaguely familiar. Kids don't play games like that anymore, it is all Wii and PS2 or whatever the latest is. I think more and more people will forget these classic games that entertained people for hours on end.


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