December 9, 2009

Guess It Will Be A White Christmas

Pulled up the blinds early this morning to find 14 inches of snow decorating everything in sight. In this part of the country winter is harsh, but a fresh snowfall never fails to take my breath away.

More winter white could be seen out this window with Frosty providing just a touch of color.

Took this picture through the window in the middle of the night. The outdoor Christmas lights were still on and it looked magical out there.

We're leaving on Friday for a few days in San Diego. The SD weather forecast for the weekend is 60 degrees and showers. Know what? That's sounds mighty good to me right now.


  1. I love pics of snowfall.

  2. It's just beautiful! I can't imagine 14 inches overnight, that's amazing. Have a great time in San Diego, it's a great city.
    I love your new header picture :)

  3. Yes, I'll bet S.D. does sound good to you! Actually, it sounds good to me too. Your photos are lovely although I can't imagine having that much snow!

  4. That is a beautiful header pic you've got. Like you, our winters are harsh, but breathtaking. Have a good holiday!

  5. It's beautiful there! I love snow.
    Have fun in San Diego!

  6. You have lovely snow photos. I want to stow away and go with you to San Diego! It would be nice to be in a warmer place right now!

    We just had 2 days off of work due to the snow. We have to go back tomorrow, and I am not excited about going out in the cold.

    Have fun in CA!

    Oh, my! I just got an automated phone message, saying due to weather conditions there will be no school tomorrow! I better go to the website to make sure that is correct.

  7. Major snow, but beautiful. Enjoy the sun in S.D.

  8. Safe travels Donna! You are in Wisconsin aren't you? We loved it when we visited == but that was last Spring. Think I'll skip this time of year.

    Have fun in the (I hope) sun -- even rain will be better.

  9. Wow! That's more snow then we get in a 5 year count! It's beautiful right now and will look wonderful as your plan taxi's away! You'll have a wonderful time in the sun and warm weather! gail

  10. Wow 14 inches! We got 2 or 3 inches here. Just enough to make it pretty without causing headaches.

    Have fun in San Diego. I envy the 60 degrees!

  11. What fun photos. Have a great time enjoying that warm weather!

  12. You guys really got hit in this last blast. So did the West side of Michigan, but by the time it got to us...just about an inch but the cold and winds are certainly now here. Brrrr.

    Great pictures and have fun in SD. Safe travels.

    (Love your new header picture. Very seasonal.)

  13. Have fun in San Diego. If you want a great little nursery, try Cedros Gardens in Solana Beach....about 15 minutes north of downtown. You'll want to take it home with you.

  14. Hi my friend, your pictures look amazing to me. We never ever ever have that much snow here. I'm so jealous and the kids are too. They were astuned to see your backgarden and asked me all about you and when we do visit....if only we could exchange houses some times.....Have happy times in San Diego. See you around.

  15. Have fun in San Diego! I am supremely jealous.
    Be safe and enjoy!!!
    I like that light shot, very creative!

  16. Woww.. those are awesome pics of snowfalls. Love all your pictures, Donna.

    About my daughter's blog, she was so excited to see you are following her blog. She said thank you and she will grab a chance to visit here sometime tonight. thank you for bringing up the problem of the comment section of my daughter's blog. I really didn't notice it. I think it works fine now.

    Have a safe trip to San Diego.

  17. This is beautiful, Donna! 14 inches is a lot of snow! Somehow the storms all missed us, and I'm feeling a little left out that we don't have any snow. I'm sure our time will come:) Have a safe flight and enjoy your trip! 60 degrees sounds like paradise to me right now.

  18. I made my husband come and look at your pics. Breathtaking! Makes me miss seasons...but I'm sure it's much colder than my Florida-thinned blood could handle!

    Feel free to post as many snow pics as you want. I can live vicariously thru my gardening friends up north.

  19. Donna I know you are in warm (hopefully) San Diego, but I wanted to say thank you for the delicious chocolates!! You were so sweet to send them. I have searched for your email so I could thank you there and couldn't find it, but hopefully you'll see this when you return!
    Thank you again!

  20. wow,how do you get all that snow.

    happy days,


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