November 13, 2009

Closed For The Season

When I saw all these picnic tables standing on end at Pamperin Park last Saturday, I figured that the park employees were sending the message that if we wanted to have a picnic in November, we should bring a blanket along. It's our largest developed county park and it's less than a mile from our house. The park is hilly and wooded and has the scenic Duck Creek flowing through it. I've been taking Phillip there on a regular basis since he's been able to walk.

There's not a lot of color to be found outside this time of year so when I noticed how amazing this little girl's hair looked in the sunlight, I couldn't resist taking a picture of it. She was unknown to me so I didn't photograph her face, but she was very pretty and seemed so happy to be at the park with all the other kids.

It's that time of year here in Wisconsin when the Asian lady beetles seem to be every place including on my water bottle. They're looking for places to hibernate for the winter and we find them both on the house and in the house. They love a warm southern exposure. Did I mention that they bite?

Near the end of last summer, my niece, the Garden Princess, was digging out some of her California Poppies and gave me a bunch of roots that looked dried out and close to death. I brought them home, planted them, watered them a few times and then forgot about them. I looked at them last week and found them pushing out some green. They like a lot of sun and do well in dry, sandy soil so I suspect it's happy where it's planted. They don't usually transplant well because of the long tap root and so it's best to sow the seed directly into the garden in the spring.

At first glance, I wasn't sure if I was seeing seeds in this pod or mouse droppings. Seeds, right? I've got mice on my mind because Alley Cat has been sitting and staring at the fireplace for long periods of time. We ignore her because he don't want to think that there are mice in the fireplace.

I still see a leaf now and then that grabs my attention, like this one. I've always liked the look of a lone leaf.

Not sure why our neighbors have left their red cooler sitting outside, but I take my shot of color wherever I can find it. They borrowed our wheelbarrow back in July and never returned it. Today I saw it in their backyard and wheeled it back to our house. I wonder if they'll even notice. They're a very nice family, but I hope they don't ask to borrow anything else.

Happy Weekend To All Of You.


  1. Nice photos. that little girls hair is beautiful.

  2. Hi Donna. Your pictures are beautiful. And I appreciate the way you see and capture beauty in the ordinary.

    Thanks for visiting my RV travel blog. We've had a recent change of plans and are staying in one spot for a few more months this winter. So I really needed the reminder that there is beauty everywhere. I'm glad I found your blog!

  3. I guess the park is sending some type of message :) My niece has the same color of red hair.
    I noticed that the Oriental poppies are showing leaves now too, hope yours bloom for you next year. They look very happy where they are.

  4. We have lady bugs and stink bugs looking for a winter home around here. The number seems less than other years - which is a good thing. I hate chasing stink bugs around the house!

    You have a great eye for photography. The picnic tables are the perfect "end of summer" scene. It stirs a lot of emotion about the end of all things.

    Beautiful red hair!

  5. I hope you get your wheel barrow back sometime. maybe they will read your blog?:)
    I like the shot of the picnic tables and the vibrant little girls hair! If only my dye job looks as good as that.

  6. Hi there my friend. Thank you so very very much for your support. And yes you are most welcome to ask me everything about the gear left for you to pick out for your next trip outdoors. I'll be gladd to help in any way. So just fire away with your questions when you're planning to leave.

    Oh love the leave! And the redheaded girl it's exactly my color hair (yes in my latest picture it looks a little darker but it realy isn't).
    Have a great weekend to you and your loved ones. Sweet soft hugs from me special for you.

  7. The beautiful red hair reminds me of my son and daughter-in-law. The Asian beetles and the scenery ... Minnesota and Wisconsin seem very similar at this time of year. Thanks for the spots of color and the view through your eyes.

  8. I haven't seen any ladybugs the year. Maybe we won't get hit with them. Or they could still be on there way.

    Love the little girls red hair. So classically autumn.

  9. I agree..this time of year here in wisconsin is a bit really have to look things !

    but I totally love the picnic tables and wow, I'd love that hair !

  10. Donna are you going to enter the picnic tables in the End of the Line photo contest?

    My best friend growing up had that same color hair. I'm glad you were able to get your wheelbarrow back. :)

  11. Your neighbours seem rather distracted! I think I'd have reclaimed my barrow too.

    Perhaps the red-haired girl has some Scottish ancestry!

  12. Hi Donna,
    This post made me smile. You should enter the first photo in the contest. I would have gone over to get my wheelbarrow, too. My next door neighbor girl had red hair, too, and I wished my hair was that color for awhile.


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