November 6, 2009

Back In The Saddle

I'm back to blogging, but this isn't me in the saddle. It's Phillip, horseback riding while on a family vacation to Yellowstone last summer.

It's true that all of our pretty spring, summer and autumn color is gone and we're left with mostly brown, but that's no excuse not to get outside with my camera and look for something that's still growing. If not growing, then at least something that catches my eye.

I took the camera along when I walked out to get the mail today and found both the Foamflower (Tiarella 'Pirate's Patch') and Heuchera (Coral Bells 'Caramel') wearing their fall colors and looking rather nice.

The Lamium 'Beacon's Silver' must like cool weather because it's still pushing out some violet-colored blooms.

We have several of these bushes in our yard that show off nice clumps of berries in November. I don't know the name of the bushes, but I like them.

Back in the summer, I grew a pumpkin plant that produced plenty of flowers, but not even one teeny, tiny pumpkin. I wasn't expecting one that weighed 1,232 pounds, but one pumpkin would have been nice. In the plant's defense, it suffered miserably from mildew.

I saw this colorful sign at the edge of a drab November cornfield. There was no sign of the dairy being under construction. Clever name.

Now that I've managed to publish a post, I'll be around to visit your blogs and see what you've been up to lately.


  1. Welcome back to the saddle Donna. We missed you.

    Where was that giant pumpkin from? I never understand the purpose of a giant pumpkin.

  2. Hmm, I'm curious about that bush with the berries too. I hope you find out what it is. Do the birds like it?

    It's good to have you back!

  3. I could just take that little cowboy home with me. What a cutie!
    We've had a couple freezing temps but the heuchera still are pretty (considering). I think I have the same ones as you. And the lamium has got to be one of the hardest working plants around.
    Well don't confuse me with your "Faye friend" in TN but like I always say: "you can never have enough Faye's in your life". (Oh, Brother!!)
    That dress was NOT a home ec project. I sewed a lot when I was young. Clothing then. Quilts now.

  4. I like that bush too, I think I've seen something like it, but no idea what it is. I'm glad to see your 'Caramel' looks about the same as mine, maybe it changes a bit in the fall. My pumpkin plant did the same thing yours did.
    Glad to see you back!

  5. Welcome back! I'll bet Phillip enjoyed Yellowstone.

  6. Oh, that Phillip looks so grown and so handsome! There's something the two of you could do together- horseback riding!!!

  7. Great post and lovely autumn header ... let's enjoy the gift!

  8. Lindalou - The pumpkin was outside of a haunted house (no, not my house). I don't get the giant pumpkin thing either. How do they get rid of them? Chain saw?

    Jean - I've never noticed a bird eating the berries.

    Behind My Picket Fence - My BFF, Faye, also sewed a lot when she was younger. Do all Fayes sew?

    Catherine@AGardenerinProgress - So, I guess pumpkins aren't all that easy to grow. There's always next year.

    sweet bay - The horses make me think of your beautiful horses and how you should post photos of them again.

  9. Sue - Faye and I went horseback riding together, years ago. It was not a good experience. Neither one of us could walk properly for days.

    joey - Don't you wish we could hang on to our fall color until the white stuff arrives?

  10. Glad to see you back in the saddle. I like the bush as well. The contrast between the bare bush and the berries is so nice. Great picture. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for reminding me that there is still color in the garden. I may stop whining about the cold and darkness for a little while longer.

    (BTW - the word verification is whinihor - I refuse to take that personally!)

  12. Just carrying a camera around outside, I manage to find things that catch my eye too. I suppose there's something magical everywhere you look. If you look hard enough!

  13. Donna,
    Your little Philip looks like he's in heaven. HUGE many seeds are inside do you suppose? They should have a guessing contest.
    Good to have you back...missed you and your sweet blog posts.
    Take care,

  14. I like those black berries, too! I have an odd little bush that produces a black berry~~Jet Bead is the common name...The leaves look like leaves from the shrub Kerria. Welcome back! gail

  15. It's surprising what we can find sometimes when we go looking with our camera! I love the heucheras; I seem to buy more each year, enticed by their delicious-sounding names:) Wonder what will be so "heavenly" about the new dairy?

  16. Glad to have you blogging again! I like to see how fall affects plant and what color they are as they begin to winter.
    Looking forward to more!

  17. This was a fun post! My lamium is still blooming some, too. I like the colors of your heuchera and foamflower. Those berries are pretty. Do birds eat them? Philip looks like he is a good horse rider.

  18. Hi Donna, wauw I love the picture of being back in the saddle. I've got the same one of Joyce and me when I was visiting BC. It's so much fun to do.

    And thanks for taking me trough your garden again, even in the fall it's beautiful. All these colors...sigh. Love them but that's because I'm a redhead...:-)

    Oh and I'm gladd you've put up such wonderful sweet words again and again on my latest post. Every single time you are the first name I'll check out if it's there and read yours first. I'm in such good company when you're there with me. Oh if only we could meet once...

    Happy de peppy week to you (this is what we say in Holland). sweet hugs Dagmar

  19. Hi Donna, your cowboy looks very much at home on a horse!

    Those black berries are rather elegant at this time of year.

  20. YAY! You're back! Love the great pictures. I like a giant veggie for some reason. It's so grotesque and bizarre and I want to look at it and touch it and be grossed out by it all at once. Issues.

  21. My lamium is still going strong too, but I have a lot of other flowers too. Although we've had a few frosts, it's been mostly pleasant and warm so I still have flowers. It's a miracle, and I love it! Yes, it does seem like everything is always on sale at Kohl's, but once in awhile you'll find something for full price. Trust me, we are already busy for the holiday. Whew!

  22. Stella - Wish I'd been better over the years of keeping plant/shrub tags or at least writing down the names. Remembering the names was never an option:)

    Marie - Luv your mention of the word verification. I'm sure some day I will come upon one that says Complnr.

    Brenda @Cozy Little House - It gets difficult to find something colorful around here November thru March. But...colorful doesn't have to be something that's growing, does it?

    Rosey Pollen - You're so faithful about leaving comments and I appreciate it.

    Gail - Jet Bead and Kerria don't ring a bell, but I'll surely check them out. Thanks.

    Rose - I also wondered about the name High Heaven Dairy.

    ArtCricket2 - My plants won't have any color left soon....except for brown and white.

    Corner Gardener Sue - I've never seen birds eat the berries. I'd be tempted to taste them, if I was bird.

    Barefoot from Heaven - Dagmar, luv it when you say, "Happy de peppy week to you." Last Saturday, I was at the park with Phillip and saw a little girl with beautiful red hair. I took some pictures of her hair only...not her face because I didn't know her. The sun was shining on her hair and it was so gorgeous.

    Linda - It was his first time horseback riding, but he now thinks he's an expert.

    Kate and Crew - No only does your blog make me laugh, so do your comments.

    Msrobin - Going to Kohls tomorrow with my mother. You're lucky to still have flowers blooming.

  23. oh my gosh, those horse photos you've got there are rockin cool.i love horses.LOL


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