April 4, 2009

Another Day - A Few More Sprouts

If I get outside every day and dig around in the dirt a little, I almost always find some new growth taking place. The photo below is my Fern Leaf Peony (Palonia tenuifolia) saying hello. The plant was given to me in 2006 by my friend, Debbie. She dug it from her garden. Do you like my fancy plant marker?

This is how the Fern Leaf Peony's flower looked in 2007. Such a big flower for such a small plant. I love the fact that Debbie shared her FLP with me. All parts of the plant are poisonous, if ingested.

The old fashioned Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectablis) also showed up yesterday. My darling mother bought the plant for me last year and I'm eager to see what it does this spring. It's white and I'm fond of how white flowers look in shaded areas. Bleeding Hearts look so graceful in a flower bed.

The Anemones that I planted in 2005 are also showing some signs of life.

This is how they look in May. Hurry up and get here May! Not really, I don't want to miss anything that happens in April.

Back to my friend, Debbie. She and her husband, Jim, are amazing gardeners. They have everything...flowers in beds, flowers in containers, vegetable garden, orchard, gorgeous pond filled with Koi, bird feeders galore, a great patio with a fireplace, dogs, cats and a big family of deer that visit their backyard often.

See all the little plants she's started and the really cool planter that Jim made. Thanks for letting me share the photos, Debbie.


  1. Please take us on a tour of Jim and Debbie's place sometime this summer! I would like a little mini-retreat at their place!

  2. Yes, and the full tour of your yard in season. The peony makes me yearn for the tree peony I left at my other house. It was a beauty. I don't know if the renters have cared for it or not. My row of hostas is long gone from cutting through it instead of going around. But, that's ok. They are great folks and take good care of the place. I may take a look for the peony. I had some old peonies that were planted about the same time as dogwoods before I bought the place in 1978. Isn't it fun to see the little shoots?
    It is a glorious day in KY but soon to turn cold with the possibility of snow!

  3. Much better set up to start your plants then my kitchen counter. Wish I had the space. We had a beautiful day here in Michigan and finally got the sticks out of my front yard. Need to do the back. Have a great week-end Donna.


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