September 18, 2009

Who's Been Eating The Petunias?

These poor little purple petunias. Night visitors have been eating the foliage and the flowers.I picked up the pot and found these slimy slugs. There were also some earwigs but apparently they're camera shy because they scampered away.

I met up with this spider while making my way to the outside water faucet. He was kind enough to stand still for a picture. If I had walked into his web and he had ended up inside my shirt, I'm not sure he'd be looking this intact.

Our tomatoes are finally turning red but I'm not especially impressed with how they taste. I like the tomatoes my mom and dad grow better.

I saw a field of sunflowers as I was driving along the other day. I pulled over, got out of the car and very politely asked them to turn and look at me so I could take their picture. Very stubborn they were, kept their backs to me.

I often see Sandhill Cranes in the fields, but they don't let me get close enough for a good photo. They are always in pairs and they never both look at me at the same time. There are different subspecies of Sandhill Cranes varying in size and weight. I never get close enough to make a positive identification. All cranes engage in dancing which involves bowing, jumping, running, stick or grass throwing, and wing flapping. They have an unique call that I always recognize. I hear them flying overhead before I see them.


  1. simply beautifully captured shots....lovely views!

  2. Great bunch of photos! Your posts are always so interesting.

  3. Sandhill Cranes, wow! They are magnificent birds.

    Slugs haven't been much of a problem here for some reason (although they sure were when I gardened in PA), but I feel your pain. Whatever likes to eat my 'Old Blush' roses all summer is still chowing down, and usually those roses are filled out again by now. And Black Blister beetles are eating my anemones.

    There are spiders everywhere right now! Especially the Writing Spiders.

  4. Spider, cool and yucky all at once. My kids would be screaming at me to "KILL" it. I usually let them live outside. Unless it's a black widow.
    Sorry about your petunias, they are surely a tasty treat for someone. The only ones the unknown nibblers can't get to are the ones in my garden in a stock tank. I guess they can't make it up the slippery side. But that doesn't mean that the aphids don't have a hey day.
    Sandhill cranes are glorious birds, they look pretty happy in that field, chowing down on bugs? Seeds? We have only seen a few of these in our area. Probably passing through.
    Are you getting ready for fall? What do you blog about in the winter, if your garden is sleeping? I think I will have a hard time finding things to blog about. Things could get strange.
    Or should I say more strange.

  5. Damn Slugs! They have tormented my flowers a bit this year. Those sunflowers seem a bit stuck up, don't you think? The cranes are awesome. Lucky you to get to see them so often and even know their call. That's great!

  6. Our summer was so hot and dry I barely noticed the slugs. I can't believe how they chewed up your poor petunia! Those spiders are fine as long as they build their webs in places I don't walk through. We've had lots of those big ones lately.
    Love the Sunflower picture!

  7. Despite perfect growing conditions our 3, YES!!! 3 tomato plants have done the worst ever for producing. They are supposed to be HUGE & they are these little dinky thingys. So disappointing plus hardly producing.

    Your pics are gorgeous, you have a keen eye.
    Have a lovely weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

  8. Oh what a shame about your nice petunias I hate it when little creatures like that eat all my best plants (let them feed themselfs on the ugly ones please).

    Love the way you've showed all these pics along with you witty words.

    And that spider is stunning.

    About the tomato, try next year to plant the Pomodori Tomato's those are the best from Italy and have this wonderful taste. Let me know if it worked out okay? Other wise I'll send you over some seeds (that is if they get trough customs ;-)
    Happy sunday to you and your loved ones my friend.

  9. Donna, Hello! Slugs and snails are really a pest right now with all the wet weather we've had. They exfoliate plants too fast; but they are easy to catch.

    I've never seen the Sandhill Cranes in person! I've noticed that other other pairs of birds and animals won't look when you want to capture a photo...They toy with us!


  10. Ugh! hate slugs. They eat my hostas. We have cranes but they live by the water and fish. I would love to see the cranes dance. The sun flowers are all in bloodm here too and so tall this year. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Donna, I love your cranes. You're so lucky to be able to see them. I'm not sure I've ever seen a Sandhill Crane in person. Too bad about your pesky slugs.

  12. flyingstars - Your blog is simply amazing. Nice to look at and always educational.

    Marie - Nice of you to say my posts are interesting because I come away thinking they are anything but interesting. That doesn't stop me from posting though:)

    sweet bay - Black Blister beetles and Writing Spiders....two more creatures for me to check out.

    Rosey Pollen - I started blogging in February and it was mighty difficult to come up with a gardening post. This winter I'll post about whatever catches my eye and try to find a little color in our winter world of white.

    teresa - Who do those sunflowers think they are, igonoring me like that?

    Catherine@AGardenerinProgress - We've also had a hot/dry summer and this is the first growing season that the slugs have made such a pest of themselves.

    blushing rose - I don't think I'm cut out to be a vegetable gardener. Veggies from the gardens of others always taste better to me.

    Barefoot from Heaven - Dagmar, I've made note of the Pomodori tomato. Will let you know what I find out about its availability.

    Gail - Yes, the slugs are easy to catch, but then what to do with them. Let's not discuss it:)

    Stella - I'd like to know more about the whooping cranes. Do you know the name of the cranes you see by the water?

    Jean - Your blog is one where I'm unable to leave comments. If the comment section is a pop up, then I'm good to go. If the comment section is embedded below the post, I can not leave a comment. Why? I've no idea. I miss being able to leave comments directly on your blog.

  13. Lord knows we have slugs here in Oregon. I would love to see the cranes. The tomatoes look so good.

  14. Have those sunflowers no proper manners? I love spider webs. Photographing them. Not walking into them!

  15. Ewww, nasty slugs! I accidentally picked one up yesterday, good thing I had my garden gloves on. We always see Sandhill cranes at my mom's house in Florida, but not locally, darn it. But we see Great Blue Herons all the time. Maybe someday I'll get their picture!

  16. Yolanda - Do you need more slugs there in Oregon? I'll send mine right over.

    Brenda - I'm not a bit afraid of spiders but walking into a web gives me the creeps.

    Msrobin - I'll be checking your blog for Great Blue Heron photos. If I remember correctly, you live near some really neat wetlands. Am I right?

  17. Ugh...slugs. Gross.

    Love the shot of the spider. Well done.

    And I'm so sorry your tomotoes aren't tasting as good as you hoped. I wonder why? Do you remember what variety you planted? I may want to avoid them in the future.

  18. Donna, you sure know how to write fun posts! I love all your photos here. The sunflowers may be my favorite, if I picked one. When I find slugs, I put them on a bird bath, and then the birds have a nice snack. I used to throw them in the street in hopes the birds would find them, but like the birdbath idea better.

    One of these years, I hope to go to Grand Island, about 2 hours from here, and see the sandhill cranes on their migratory stop there in late winter. I have heard the call you were talking about.


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