September 28, 2009

More From The Door

We know a very lucky couple who live in North Carolina and recently bought a very charming farmhouse with acreage in Door County, WI. They and their family will enjoy it as a vacation home. On our recent trip up there, we checked it out and I fell in love with everything about it.

On the drive there, we saw this hay sculpture. Or is it a straw sculpture? Since I live in America's Dairyland I should know the difference between hay and straw, but I don't? Anyway, it's nice to know that farmers have a good sense of humor.

I'm not including a photo of D & T's farmhouse for privacy reasons, but trust me that it's everything I'd want if it were mine. They do have this very old building on their property and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Oh, the stories it could tell.

They also have their very own silo. Most of my adult life, I've dreamed about living on land that had a silo. Don't know why that's desirable to me, but it is. Not sure what's going on with the pile of gravel next to it. It looked like someone had been shoveling it into the silo.

There was something literally blooming all around the house and I could have posted a dozen photos of flowers. These were some of my favorites. Yes, they even have a white picket fence.

Oh, how I'd love to sit in these yellow chairs and enjoy some good conversation with friends. Actually, sitting out there alone with my own thoughts also sounds appealing.

D & T, if by chance you read this post, I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos again. If you need a caretaker to live there while you're in NC, give me a call:)


  1. this looks like a yummy place to hangout. I could live in the little out building if you need help with that care takers job ~ hugs, Cherry

  2. Looks like a fun place to escape to. I would love to explore the silo. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I see a tiny house that speaks to my heart! You know that I'm not much on traveling, but Door County is on my very short list of places I would be interested in visiting.

  4. Donna,
    This hay sculpture is my favorite picture of all! Great sense of humor. My son really liked it too and was trying to figure out how they made it.
    It looks like a charming place to live. And visit. I can see why you love it.

  5. I love your photos of the ornamental grass...and the bugbane! The hay wagon sculpture is so clever! Kids would love exploring all of those areas...including that cute little house! I would too!

  6. I can see why you didn't want to leave. I think the hay sculpture may be round bales of hay and what looks like stacks of sod. I've never seen hay used so creatively.

    You mentioned about Blotanical not letting you in -- I think it's them and not you. Just keep going back the next day and trying again. I think it took me 3 tries. After the first 2, I was determined. It never crossed my mind that it was I, or my computer. It had to be them, LOL.

  7. Amazing photos of a beautiful place. I love all of these photos.

  8. What a beautiful place! Those flowers and that little log cabin. Wow is all I can say!

  9. i like the hay sculpture too. I've seen a similar photo of a chopped wood was made to look like a fallen tree on the ground. Some people are so imaginative....when I see things like that I say...hmmm..I could do that...but I could never think up the thought in the first place!
    When I was a kid, I had a friend who lived on a farm, and they chopped the top off of a silo and turned it upside down and use it as a swimming pool. I always thought that was so cool!

  10. Peaceful, picturesque, serene ... the hay wagon is wonderful. I love country settings & take pics all the time ... you might enjoy our WV posts over the last 4 or 5 weeks.

    Happy autumn. Have a beautiful week. TTFN ~Marydon

  11. Sounds like it has all the perfect ingredients. That little cabin is just gorgeous.

  12. What a pretty place. What a neat old cabin too. I love the hay/straw wagon.

  13. Donna, I always wanted a silo, too! It would make a great garden shed space! I can see how you would be taken with this country home~~It's charming and I can totally imagine myself having a cold drink and sitting in a yellow chair! gail

  14. That's funny that you mention silos -- one of our neighbors used to have a small silo which we used as a landmark -- "turn left when you see the silo".

    Your friends' place looks wonderful! I love the cabin and the pictures of the Rudbeckia and Bugbane -- they're all beautiful!

  15. Thanks so much for the comment. I have always been a fan of #4. The first trip after we were married my husband and I went to the Packer Hall of Fame. I have my photo taken with him. He is the same age as me and my husband and I always kid that he is my boyfriend. He has the love of the game, and has always been fun to watch.

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

  16. Cherry - What if our duties as caretakers included shoveling snow? Still up for it?

    Stella - Guess I'm not the only one interested in silos.

    Sue - Your comment reminded me of your luv of tiny houses.

    Rosey Pollen - How sweet that your son takes time to look at blog photos with you.

    Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) - The ornamental grasses are so pretty this time of year....swaying in the wind.

    Nell Jean - Your comment about getting into Blotanical made me smile. I guess that's why your glass is half full and mine is half empty.

    Bonnie - My photos aren't amazing but the place is.

    Jean - I miss not be able to leave comments on your blog. Any thoughts of changing the setting to pop up? I keep reading.

    Joyce - What a great comment. It was as interesting as your blog posts. Still can't leave comments on your blog, like Jean's above. Is there a change to a pop up setting in your future? I continue to read.

    blushing rose - Like Jean and Joyce's blogs, I can't leave comments on yours either. Seems I might be the only blogger out here that can only leave comments if it's a pop up. I'm on my way over to your blog as soon as I'm done here.

    Linda - Now all they need on their land is a brilliant blue shed like you have.

    Catherine@AGardenerinProgress - It always amazes me how many pretty and interesting places we can find close to home.

    Gail - Nice to know that I'm not alone in my desire for a silo.

    sweet bay - Silos make good landmarks because they seem to stand forever.

    Bonnie - So, #4 is your boyfriend? Because of my age, I think of him as my son:) Boyfriend sounds better.

  17. A lovely, serene place to let your imagination soar. Thanks for another great post.

  18. Donna, I changed my comment form to a popup. I think I changed it some time ago because it would take you from the page. But now it works like I want it to. I'm not sure why it never worked for you but please try again!

  19. You are sure making me want to go to Door County! Their place looks wonderful, what I saw of it. And if they need someone to look after it and YOU need company, give me a call. I'd love to have a chat in those yellow chairs!

  20. Love this pictures. This place looks just charming.

    I haven't mentioned this yet on my own blog, but some time mid-way through 2010, I'll be moving out to BW's place with him. He has a 18 acre farm with 2...may I repeat, 2 silos.

    I'll have to get some pictures soon.

  21. Marie - I luv serene and if it's also lovely then that's even better.

    Jean - I'm so happy about the pop up. I've already left you two comments.

    ksr - Hello, horticulture therapist from PA. I like the sound of that.

    ArtCricket2 - I'm quite sure the Door County farmhouse needs more than one caretaker. Isn't that why there are 4 yellow chairs?

    Lindalou - You're just trying to make me jealous with talk about two silos on BW's land:) I'll be looking for lots of photos from you. Exciting.

  22. Sure looks like a charming place to visit. Must add it to my list of future visits! You are right Donna, I shouldn't call it the lonely tree. Maybe it's just a loner! I say that same thing all the time.

  23. What a wonderful place! The straw or hay sculpture also shows that farmers can be talented artists. I love it!


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