September 22, 2009

Cronenwett Farms

I bought a container of grapes at the grocery store this morning. Ate almost all of them as soon as I got home. Left a few for this photo. They were very scrumptious. They were labeled as Table Grapes grown at Cronenwett Farms in Lawton, MI. I wanted to know more, so I went to their website. The farm has been in the same family for six generations and some of their grapes are used in Welch's juices.

This flower bed is still looking really pretty and I'm appreciating every minute because I know that it's only a matter of days before it starts going downhill. The photo was taken on Sunday. That's my Mumkin front left and Diamond Frost next to it. Please, may I remember to plant lots and lots of Diamond frost next year.

The shrub roses were cut back about a month ago and now they are blooming nicely again. This is the pink one. There are also red and white bushes.

Left to Right
Jack, Joseph, Phillip, Caitlyn, Ava
Lucky in the Front
Kids & Dogs Playing Outside - Luv it

We put out the fall decorations over the weekend and Alley Cat joined in.

You might be sick to death of my turkey photos, but here's another one. When we pulled up the kitchen blinds Sunday morning, there they were crossing the street from one neighbor's house to the next. Picture taken through the slightly dirty window.


  1. Donna,
    Why are you messing with my brain? Are you serious about that snow? :)!!!
    I never tire of turkeys or your beautiful gardens. Those grapes looked so yummy, I can see why they were scarfed down so quickly. Welch's eh? Famous fruit.

  2. Too cute: the kids and the dog; the cat; and yes, the turkeys.

    Everybody's having weather these days. North of here they're having floods.

  3. Alley Cat is adorable. I didn't know the turkeys were so close to your house! They look rather funny crossing the street -- not a place you'd normally see wild turkeys.

    Your garden does still look great! I love the Diamond Frost.

  4. Grapes, kids, flowers, a cat, and turkeys make for a fun post! The turkeys look out of place with the houses, trees, and street, silly things!

  5. Your gardens do look gorgeous. Love your photos.

  6. What a great group of pictures! The grapes look so good! Your garden is beautiful, it doesn't look like it's close to going downhill, it looks so fresh and lush.
    Phillip looks cute the way he's posing.

  7. Hi Donna, thank you so very much for the sweet words...It seems my heart is big...but bleeding lots. I'm overwhelmed with dead. Can't bare it anymore...Pffff.

    But being in your space again gives me strenght. To see all the happy faces of the kiddos. The dog and the silly cat. Even the birds crossing your beautiful street make me smile...Life is hard yet beautiful.

    Also thanks for showing me all your flowers again...They always make me smile. If only I could smell them....ohhhh.
    For now hugs from me to you. Dagmar

  8. I love that you are eating grapes from Michigan. (We need all the help we can get!)

    I love that Diamond Frost. What's the chances of me remembering that next spring. You'll have to do a post early next year, reminding us all of your favorites.

    Love the picture of all the kids and also the one of the turkeys. I won't be posting a picture of my turkey until...November. (Ha)

  9. You didn't need to confess to less than perfect windows - it's not obvious from where I am!

    The bloom on the grapes hints at how delicious they must be.

    Your blooms are all still going strong. How lovely to have this spell of good September weather.

  10. Your flower bed looks so so gorgeous! And good for you for taking the time to be interested in who grew your food!

  11. Great shot of your beautiful flower bed. How did you get the kids to stand still for a picture? :-) A good looking bunch!

  12. I can almost taste those grapes....they look so different from the ones I'm used to. And Alley Cat is just too sweet!

  13. kids are looking so cute and so natural while smiling. Your flower bed is making me envious. nice post.

  14. What a yummy post this is! Your flowers are beautiful! Mine are already fading except for my beautiful Coleus which I should post a picture of.
    I like thinking about you decorating for fall. I think I'll do it today before all of the family comes tomorrow.
    The picture of the kids is priceless.
    Table grapes- I'm looking for those. I got a great globe grape at Christmas last year. It was HUGE and seedless and was called a Holiday Grape, if I remember correctly.
    Having a blast with Amy, not spending much time on the computer. A few quiet moments early this morning.

  15. Great pictures. I like the one of the turkeys crossing the road. We get quite a few of those here but I never seem to have my camera handy when I see them.

  16. Gorgeous grapes! And I'm a tad envious of your garden -- it looks beautiful! And I have to admit, my favorite photo (sorry kids!) is the autumnal kitty! Aren't cats with orange perfect at this season? I love the pose!

  17. Never too many pics of kids, pets, or turkeys. Loved the flowers, too.

  18. When I can, I enjoy responding to all comments left on my blog. I've not been feeling well for a few days now and so will skip the responses this time. I appreciate hearing from all of you.

  19. No problem, Donna. Thinking of you.


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