September 26, 2009

A Day In The Door

A few weeks ago we enjoyed a day trip to Door County, WI. Not a long trip, only an hour from our house.

The county has more than 300 miles of shoreline, more than almost any other in the country and is known as the Cape Cod of the Midwest. The waters of Green Bay are on one side of the Peninsula and Lake Michigan on the other. There are five state parks in Door County where visitors can enjoy hiking, camping, swimming, fishing and snowmobiling.

Door County has 12 lighthouses, most of them built in the 1800's. The Peninsula is also know for its cherry and apple orchards, wineries, fish boils, and shipwrecks.

This sign was posted at Cave Point County Park and I think it was meant for people like me who like to get too close to the edge of the cliff when taking pictures.

When I looked down at this big rock in the water, I could see a face. It looked like it was smiling and winking at me.

These beach chairs were on a beach on the Lake Michigan side of the Peninsula. The reason they were empty is because it was too dang cold to be out there lounging next to the water.

On the Green Bay side where it was warmer, we saw this couple enjoying some fishing. They looked so peaceful and seemed to be happy soaking up the sun while waiting for fish to bite. As nice at it looks, I don't think I could sit still long enough to catch a fish.


  1. What a beautiful country we live in! Your shoreline and beach is lovely...As an aside, I've been to Chicago in winter and the winds that blow off the lake are incredibly cold! Cave Point Park looks like it might be an really great place to visit. Donna, I have to agree with you...that sign was put there for people who have to get as close as possible! You had fun! gail

  2. Fantastic shots of the beach chairs, I wish I was there, right now, reading and relaxing.
    We used to live in Michigan and loved the shore, but it was colder than a witches' hat.
    thanks for sharing these photos of Door.

  3. Thanks for the trip! I loved every moment. I've never been to Wisconsin, but I think I must come soon.

  4. You're the kind of person that drives me nuts then. :) lol I hate it when people get close to the edge of cliffs, even within 50 feet of the edge of a cliff!

  5. I've heard great things about Door County. The pictures are great. Love the cliff shot...although I worry about how close you were to the edge.

    Now that's the way to fish. From the shore!!

  6. Looks like you had a great time. I love the photo of the beach chairs. Don't know why, it just appeals to me. I can't believe you are already having such cool weather - we are still hitting the low 90's.

    Always Growing

  7. It looks like a beautiful place, and now I have added it to my long list of "Places to Visit". 12 lighthouses? Sounds like heaven!

  8. Gail - Chicago in the winter is colder than cold. Colder than up here, I think.

    Rosey Pollen - Witches hat? That's not exactly the term we use, but I won't go into that here:)

    ArtCricket2 - You'd enjoy a Door County vacation.

    sweet bay - Your comment made me smile because it's totally out of character for me to think the warning sign was meant for everyone BUT me.

    Lindalou - Maybe I should go fishing so I'd have fresh fish to use with some of the great recipes you posted on your blog.

    Jan - I'll have to visit your blog a lot this winter. It'll make me feel warmer.

    MsRobin - I also have a list of Places to Visit.

  9. It sounds and looks very pretty and interesting. I love the row of neatly set up lounge chairs. Fishing does look fun, but I think I'm like you, I'd have a hard time sitting still that long!

  10. I've wanted to go to Door County for YEARS!! I am so glad you put up some pictures but would love to see more. It reminds me somewhat of the Duluth area along Lake Superior.
    I did just change my comment section to be a pop up. I'm so glad you were able to leave me a note. I don't understand computers. I tried to publish my blog for about 4 days before it would do it. Who knows what computers think about?
    Ms. Faye

  11. Oh, Donna, my heart went into my stomach for an instant at the thought of you near the edge of that drop off. As for me, I wouldn't need that sign, as I would be staying away from the edge.

    It looks there are some fun places to go in the area.

    I keep forgetting to tell you I like the photo of you and Phillip. Thanks for noticing my new ones, too.

  12. I can see the smiling face stone too. But am in love with the chair picture. I can tell you had a marvelous time my dear friend.

  13. Catherine@AGardenerinProgress - When it comes to fish, I'll do the eating and let the catching to someone else.

    Behind My Picket Fence - I've always wanted to do a drive along the Lake Superior shoreline. I'm thrilled that you changed your comment section to pop up.

    Sue - I promise not to get so close to the cliff's edge again. 99% of the time I'm overly cautious about everything. Lost my mind that one day.

    Barefoot from Heaven - Dagmar, how I wish to be a photographer like you are.....or at least have a camera like yours. Hugs.


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