February 28, 2013

Dreams Vs. Reality

Dreaming of days like this when the sky was blue and the sun was shining down on my sunflowers.
"In the midst of winter, I finally learned
that there was in me an invincible summer."
-Albert Camus-

But, sadly, this is the reality of late February in WI.

On a cheerier note, the celery is growing nicely in a containter hand-painted by a local nursing home resident.

Looking forward to the snow melting, spring rains and the blooms that follow.

I better hurry and hit publish if I want to claim I blogged at least once this month.



  1. Oh gosh...I really could not take the snow, I don't think!!! It is pretty though! Love your hand painted flower pot! Beautiful!!!

  2. Looks a lot like this area. It will be awhile before spring surfaces.

  3. Ah, yes! Similar views out my windows. I'll be happy when the snow ends, too. It has been a cheery white winter with lots of blue skies, but I'm ready now for spring! (I'm going to my spring "happy place" in my mind now.) ;-)

  4. You made it! Happy March, I hope your skies clear and your snow melts soon. Enjoy your gardening catalogs in the meantime. (The celery looks great!)

  5. It won't be long now! We'll soon have those sunny days again...and I'll be complaining about the never-ending heat:)

  6. Wow. I need a real snowblower like that. My wimpy little one throws the snow about two feet...:(

  7. Can you share us the update image of the celery.. It would be very much appreciated..

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