May 23, 2010

All Things Seem Possible In May

Foamflower, Tiarella 'Pirate's Patch'
A plant that tolerates dry shade.
That makes it a favorite of mine.
Pale pink, fragrant flowers in late spring.
The green leaves have dark center patches.
Fall temperatures turn the leaves to burgundy.
These Mount Hood Trumpet Daffodils were planted last fall. They were very slow to appear this spring and then when they did, they were short and didn't look like they'd have flowers. All of a sudden they shot up and produced these white blooms, which are just now beginning to fade. This particular daffodil is sometimes referred to as "The Second Snow", since it adds white to the landscape after the snow is gone. Mystery astilbe growing in front of them.

I've wanted to add some whimsy to my yard.
Nothing too showy or too colorful, but
I like that in other people's gardens.
This piece seemed perfect for me.

Last Sunday morning, Phillip and I made another visit to Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve. We were looking for frogs by this pond, but didn't see a one. But we did find turtles galore all out sunning themselves on the fallen logs. We did a quick count and came up with about 75 turtles.

I don't know a thing about aquatic plants,
except that they grow in water:)
These were in the pond by the turtles.
I imagine they are some kind of water lily.

I went on a bird walk at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary,
binoculars, bird book & camera in hand.
By the time I figured out what tree the bird was in
and focused the binoculars, the bird was gone.
After two hours, I broke off from the group
and made friends with this goose.

Mr. and Mrs. Robin seem to trust me.
They let me take this photo.
Just to be safe, I wore protective head gear.

Yesterday, I went to a perennial sale here in our neighborhood and bought six plants. Also went to Phillip's flag football game and then to his house to do some container planting. Today will be a day of planting at our house, containers and in the ground. The weather is perfect and I plan to enjoy every minute of it. Thanks for stopping by to see what's new around here.

"The world's favorite season is spring.
All things seem possible in May."
-Edwin Way Teale


  1. I've had bad luck with tiarella in the past, so never tried it again... I really should as it's very lovely... those turtles are quite something! Larry

  2. 75? Turtles! Wow, that is cool, I am and my kiddos would be jealous. What a cute goose too. And I think you have to be 86 to be good with tomatoes, they take some experience! Wonderful photos, your posts always make me smile :)

  3. The white daffodils are gorgeous! I've added them to my "to buy" list. Now I have to find a place in the garden for them and mark it with a tongue depressor for planting in the fall. Thanks.

    PS - that's a lot of turtles!

  4. What beautiful photos!

    I love the photo of your Dad buying the tomatoes! You should frame that one!

  5. Great picture of your dad!

    Foamflower is a wonderful wildflower. Did you know it's fragrant too?

    I like the new touch of whimsy in your garden.

  6. LOVE the picture of your sweet dad. Everything looks so pristine in your yard- perhaps because you are so intentional in your plantings. Your pictures always make me sigh and feel rich and rested. ( I'm sure you probably don't feel rested after keeping up with all of those beautil beds!) You seem to have some wonderful nature preserves locally. I love the turtles and think it would be a kids dream to come upon a whole community of them sunning! thanks for a beautiful start to my day!

  7. Anonymous23 May, 2010

    I love the whimsy that you added to your yard! It me chuckle when I saw it. :0) I have never heard of Foamflower before. Their leaves are very pretty with the maroon in the middle. That's a very nice picture of your dad. He looks content and happy to be picking out his vegetable plants. My dad turns 84 this month!

  8. LC - I'm not in the same gardening class as you are, but have read that the tiarella doesn't like to have its crown exposed, so maybe planting deeper or covering it with mulch would help.

    Jessa Irene - I had to laugh about your tomato comment. Yes, age and experience are always a plus in the garden.

    Marie - I have a "buy list", too. The more blogs I read the longer the list gets.

    Toni - I have a picture of my mother from that day also. They'll both go in frames. Thanks for visiting all the way from WY.

    Sweet Bay - I've read that the foamflower is a wildflower, a spreading wildflower. I guess what I have is a tiarella hybrid and I think they are more clump forming instead of sending out runners.

    Sue - Makes me happy that you like the picture of my dad. I know how much you loved your dad and how much you miss him. I actually let Phillip crawl out onto one of those fallen logs where there was one lone turtle sitting.

    Eileen - Thanks so much for visiting here. We have gardening and our dads in common. I'll be over to your blog soon.

  9. It's always fun to see what is blooming in your neck of the woods ... we are a bit behind here but it gives me something to look forward to. This is such an unusual spring temperature wise.

  10. are we loving this spring or what ?
    but sheesh, is your air on today ?....the heat about knocked me over !

  11. Anonymous23 May, 2010

    Don't you just love this time of year? Everything in the garden looks fabulous! I'm so glad you didn't bother my nest! LOL The weather was hot and sunny today, so thanks for blowing it over here.

  12. First I love your new header, he reminds me of my grandpa that was a big gardening influence on me.
    I love your tiarella, the flowers really do look foamy.
    I can't believe all the turtles! I don't think I've ever seen them just in a lake like that.
    Sounds like you've been having a great Spring :)

  13. Love your banner with your Dad and his tomatoes!!! Just fantastic!

    Love seeing the turtles!!!!

  14. S. Etole - It almost seems like we're getting an extra month of summer, doesn't it? I hope it doesn't snow in September.

    beth - We turned the a/c on yesterday afternoon. Humid, humid, humid. Even my plants looked uncomfortable.

    Msrobin - I stand corrected. The nest in my cedar tree belongs to Msrobin a/k/a MsKohls.

    Catherine - When I was younger, I didn't appreciate all the gardening my parents did. Looking back at old photos I'm amazed at what they all grew.

    Julie - Thanks for the kind words about my dad's photo.

  15. I love the header picture! Joy in life just shines through!

    And thanks for sharing the lovely May days in your garden and surrounding area.

    Your bird-walk sounds a bit like some I've taken; I'm always a couple of steps behind. I do better spotting them at my own pace. And look what you found on your own! That nest and egg picture is wonderful.

  16. Love your new header! Wow, what a lot of turtles. Sounds like a fun day with Phillip. Have a great time planting.

  17. Hello Donna, always nice to hear from you..

    Your Dad is 86 years old!
    How wonderful!

    He is so cute posing with those Tomato plants, that's a nice picture!

    My Dad will be 81 at the end of May..

    The Foam flowers are lovely, they remind me of Coral bells.

    Trumpet Daffodils are a cute little variety, there different..I like them...

    Turtles are always fun to watch in the park they are so shy and amusing.

    Thank you for stopping by and helping me make up my mind on A Man Named Pearl...
    I was going to place him there first, but wanted something for Thoughts to Ponder, I have now added him to Vetsy's view.... Thank you...

  18. Love your header photo, Donna! My dad will be 85 this summer, and last year he had a huge vegetable garden with not a weed in sight. This year, though, he's really cut back after having a stroke in February. I'm hoping he has a few tomatoes planted, though, too.

    Your bird-watching adventure sounds like me--by the time I get my bird book out, the unusual bird has always flown away, too. Coincidentally, I just received my first fall bulb catalog and was eyeing some "Mount Hood" daffodils. Yours are so lovely; I may have to order some myself.

    I bet Phillip enjoyed all those turtles! And I bet he enjoys your new whimsical garden art as well.

  19. What a nice new header with your sweet Dad and his tomato! Love that pic so much.
    I am not familiar with foamflowers but they are really beautiful.
    The white daffodils are gorgeous and they are quite an amazing sight in the garden when they are in bloom.
    The whimsy is so cute. I showed it to the kids and it made them smile.
    What a fun day for you and Phillip! Looks like the Preserve is a beautiful place. The turtles remind me of a place in Singapore that we visited. There were so many turtles around.
    That’s a lovely picture of the goose. Looks like he posed for your camera. You take good pictures as always, Donna.
    Nice to see Mr & Mrs Robin’s little ones. They are so cute too

    I can’t wait to see those six plants you bought from the perennial sale. Thank you for sharing always your beautiful photos. Have a nice day always!

  20. What great photos. Love the one of your dad. My dad is 86 as well, but he can't get around at all anymore. So enjoy his mobility. It's a precious thing.

    That's an amazing picture of the baby robins. They look like they just hatched.

    And I don't think I've ever seen that many turtles. Wow.

    I haven't planted a thing this year. It makes me so sad.

  21. Hi Donna! I STILL have no time to blog, but I caught sight of your beautiful Tiarella, and by chance I'm sitting looking out at our patio and MY Tiarella. It's the star of the show at the moment, even in a container and after a hard winter and cold spring.

    Take care and enjoy the spring!

  22. Donna, The robin nestlings are a wonderful photo~I have a little wren who flies at my head when ever I water the containers she's nested near~protective gear might be the answer! gail

  23. This was just a chocked full of loveliness post! Love the robin's nest pic and your dad buying the tomato plants especially

  24. Sallie - I'd luv to go on a bird walk with you. Who cares if we even see birds?

    Bonnie - Phillip gets me out doing things that I might not otherwise do -- like looking for frogs and turtles.

    Vetsy - So glad you decided to post A Man Named Pearl -- I'm still thinking about him.

    Rose - I've never mail ordered fall bubls, but I'm going to do it this year. Hope your dad is feeling well enough to plant a few things.

    Lindalou - I haven't planted as many things as I usually do and that makes me sad. Let's be sad together.

    Linda - I really should plant more perennials in containers. If it works for you in Scotland, it should work here.

    Gail - I've not seen nor heard a wren yet this year. They are my favorite summer bird. Can't beat a bird song like that.

    ArtCricket2 - My dad is having a ball caring for his tomatoes. I think he's in competition with me to see who has the best tomatoes. It's not hard to beat me in the vegetable department.

  25. I love the turtle shot. Fun times!

  26. Great post! I planted a foamflower in the row with some heuchera a few years ago. I need to go out and check on it. It's never had the amount of blooms yours does.

    Your garden whimsy decoration is awesome. I have a bunch of bare spots. I scrounged around in my barn and garage this evening to find things to fill some of them up with. I almost went to some garage sales to find some things, but thought I should check my own garage out first.

    Tell Phillip hi. It sounds like you had a great time. I love the turtle photo.

  27. Thanks for showing us al these beauties and new learnings kills. Never new things about plants you do. So I'm learning fast here.
    And the robbins eggs are stunnig. Love the fact that they are blue.
    Hugs D.


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