March 10, 2010

My Pledge To You -- No More Talk Of Snow

This is the last time you'll see the word snow in any of my posts until the month of November. Even if we get another two feet of it, I'll be silent on the subject. It can't be avoided in photos, so just pretend the white stuff isn't there.

The warmer weather has gotten me out walking in the neighborhood again and that's a good thing because otherwise I might have missed seeing this unusual fruit tree. Does anybody know what kind of tree produces red fruit like this in the month of March?

Wisconsin has more than 65 types of wild birds and here's an unpleasant fact regarding these birds. It's estimated that 39 million birds are killed by cats each year in our state. Really now, how do "they" come up with these numbers? This pretty northern cardinal was sitting on the arborvitae in our neighbor's yard.

Meet Chloe. She's the guard dog who lives at my friend's house. Who needs United Security Services when you've got Chloe?

The common cattail is native to North America and it's not unusual to see this species growing in the wet ditches of our neighborhood. I was fascinated with them as a kid and I still am today. This particular stand is just down the street from me.

When it come to spring
all is not hopeless here.
The daffodils have made an appearance.
They're shy and only reveal a  little
of themselves at a time. 

This prickly pear cactus is hot stuff
and it's ready to come back to life.
Hard to believe that in three months
it will produce pretty yellow flowers.

Thanks for joining me for a walk in the neighborhood.


  1. me too !
    no more talk of snow for me either....but like you said, the photos might still have some :)

    thanks for the inspiration !

  2. Yeah, the cat-eat-bird numbers are distressing. It's a thorny subject (or more likely, one avoided) for many gardners...I see lots of garden posts with kitties in the garden. I learned the hard way with my old cat. He was blind in one eye, wore a collar with a bell on it, and still caught birds. Cats should be "housecats" unless one has a farm and they are keeping the rodents in check, otherwise there is no way to be sure they are not taking wild birds.

    Christine in Alaska

  3. It's ok with me for you to talk about snow~It's a reality where you live and can be a beautiful backdrop to garden life! Pretty soon I'll be talking bout spring rains and how they never let up! Isn't it funny to think we have cactus in our part of the world! gail

  4. definitely signs of spring ... cute little doggy, too

  5. Hi Donna -- I enlarged that picture of the tree~ I think it first bloomed in December and just hasn't been pruned ;>)

    All very nice pictures, as always, snow or no snow. I love cardinals -- we don't have them in the PNW, so to us they are an exotic species.

  6. I have to agree with you. Let's not mention snow anymore. BW just mentioned that the glacier on my back deck has receded quite a bit with all the warmer weather.

    I took Joey for a walk the other evening and didn't think to bring my camera. You have a good idea there.

    LOVE the new picture of Phillip on your header. Just adorable. I've had the Ryan and Austin here the last two evenings. They so fill my heart. I can see that Phillip does the same for you.

  7. Hi, Donna!

    I enlarged the photo of the tree and it made me laugh. I wonder if the lights are still working. Cardinals are such beautiful birds. I love their colours. We have the same cactus growing across the road. It is already big and David doesnt like to get close to the plant.I think he just doesn't like the big spikes. Nice to see those daffodils are sprouting, spring is definitely around the corner.Thank you for taking us for a walk. I enjoyed it so much.

    Have a nice day always

  8. Dare I say that it went over 70 here today? Bliss

  9. Tee-hee nice fruit tree, Donna. Probably some variety of Christmasus electrii.
    Great cardinal picture. How do you get them to pose like that? I am beginning to hear birds sing in the morning, see cardinals in the trees and there's a big fat bluejay squawking in the hemlock. Ah, the sights and sounds of spring.

  10. Great pictures. I especially love to see the daffodils. Any sign of spring is very welcome.

    I wouldn't mind a bit of snow here to freshen things up a bit while we wait for spring. We don't mind snow that falls this time of year because we know it won't last long.

  11. I know how you feel, Donna. I feel as though I have been whining about winter for so long, I've vowed to avoid the subject when I write a post:) Thanks for the lovely tour around your neighborhood. I'm wondering, too, how they compiled those bird fatality statistics. We had a bird in the garage yesterday, and the three semi-outdoor cats were looking at it hungrily. I left the garage door open for it, and I hope it flew back outside--no signs of feathers in the garage, thankfully, or smug looks on the cats' faces.

    Hooray for the daffodils! Spring will surely find us one of these days.

  12. Donna, I'm astounded at the photo of the prickly pear. Well actually I'm astounded that it survives and will come back and flower after looking all flat and distressed!

    I spend a lot of time fending off the neighborhood cats from hanging out near my bird feeder. My cats stay inside, otherwise I'm sure they'd add to that situation. But honestly, I think I've seen more dead birds because of run-ins with my windows than anything else.

  13. Wow, I had no idea that Prickly Pear was hardy that far north!

    Chloe looks very fierce. :)

  14. I had to enlarge the fruit tree, and then I saw the "fruit" :) We have some of those fruit trees in our neighborhood, but the fruit is clear.
    I watched our neighbor cat catch a hummingbird last summer, luckily the bird got away. Luckily the cats also catch mice and moles.
    So glad Spring is making it's way there!

  15. I just love your posts they always make me smile! That cardinal is beautiful. And the snow is pretty you could post about it all summer and I would still love to read about it :)

  16. Thanks for the stroll, Donna. I too love common cattail. I grew up on Saginaw Bay (Lake Huron), surrounded by wetlands and they are plentiful at the lake. Enjoying above normal temps these past few days, our snow is now gone. But that does not mean for the rest of the winter! We often get one of the biggest snowfalls around St. Patrick's Day, which doesn't bother me 'cause we know it won't last long!

  17. I agree with the whole snow thing. My friend has a prickly pear cactus and she gave me some. The first year it was great and healthy. The second year it didn't come back. I love cardinals. That is a great photo!

  18. Hi Donna! Thanks for coming by my blog! I can see from your header that you are NOT AT ALL in love with your grandson!!! Hee hee hee! Duh!!! He's so handsome. Cute pic of him waiting for Spring!

    You really got me with your mystery fruit pic...I enlarged it to see what it could posibly be...LOLOL!!!!! I thought at first maybe it could(???) be little pomegranites...but now I see your fruits are Xmaslighties!!! They are really colorful and glowing little things!!!

    Love your post, and will have a look around more of your blog!

    Take care- Julie

  19. You have daffodils???? I am zone 4 too and I haven't seen any! Looks like someone left their tree lights up. Oh, how Wisconsin! Hehe. Thanks for coming by, I probably will take the bird feeder down for now. Cindy

  20. We have daffodils coming up in east central Wisconsin as well. The snow has pretty much passed and I am finding things that concern me such as piles of grass chewed off by some little creatures and what appear to be vole trails. Hellebores are peaking through and Witchhazels will be open very soon and spring is in the air! I plan on following your blog which I just discovered! LC

  21. Are you going deep into denial about the "s" word? I don't blame you! Pretty red fruit on that tree. We usually only see those fruits in December around here! LOL

  22. A fresh foot of snow is in the forecast for this evening but if I close the blinds, it's not really there, right? :)

    This was a delightful walk through your neighborhood. And, I'm happy to see a few signs that spring is on it's way, no matter what the weatherman has to say.

  23. Donna,
    Chloe looks like a dangerous and ferocious contender.
    Spring yippee!!! I am glad it is finally warming up. I can't make the same promise of no more talk of snow on my blog. We can get snow even in June!

  24. Hi Donna thanks for taking me along it was a nice little stroll (sitting in my long chair with my leggs high up). What do you mean LAZY??? Yea I am some days.

    And please do pamper those daffodils I can't wait for them to fully bloom.

  25. You've found plenty of colour and interest while ignoring the white stuff! I love the cardinal - we don't have them in the UK, and they look so exotic to my eyes.

    I didn't realise it was Wisconsin that John Muir lived in when he went to the US. I really must read more about him!

  26. Donna...39 MILLION BIRDS! I truly would like to know how they come up with those numbers as well.

    I love birds and certainly agree that cats can and will kill birds, that is why Panini is a House cat!

    The Common Cattail is also one of my favorite childhood plants... My mom used to gather them along the roads and at our favorite park on Belle Island.. We are still

    fascinated by them and gather them still to this day.


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