March 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - March 15

The 15th of every month is Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. If you think you'd like to join in, please visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens and find out how easy it is to be part of the fun. We all appreciate you, Carol.

Hen and Chicks
Waiting for the glacier to move through.
Produces 12" tall flower
stalks in early summer.

Sedum 'Autumn Joy'
There can never be too
many of them in the garden.

Achillea 'Pretty Belinda'
Grows well in poor soil.
That's why I love it so.

Rock garden blend of sedum.
Come back later to see pink and yellow blooms.

All the pots feeling ignored and
waiting for love.

Acorns in the wren house?

Can't wait to see what your garden looks like in March.


  1. How interesting that even though your garden is in a very different climate zone you like to grow so many plants that also grow well here ... I suppose the big swings in temeperature and poor soil are a common factor. I agree that we need as many sedums as we can cram in, as well as lots of achillea! Happy springtime.

  2. Hey Donna,

    Our gardens are in the same conditions.

    Happy Spring.

  3. More green sprouting for you! It looks like there are flowers on one of the sedums.
    I wonder if the squirrels are using the birdhouse as a storage facility for their acorns? Maybe it was easier than burying them beneath all the snow :)

  4. Soon! And just think how much you'll enjoy the first blossoms!

    Happy bloom day

  5. Here's hoping that glacier goes ahead and moves on out of there!

  6. No signs of either sedum or yarrow here yet ... they are usually the first to appear

  7. My garden in March is a depressing sight. Actually I can't really tell what sort of sight it is, as it is covered in a few feet of snow at the moment. Yuck.

    Christine in Alaska

  8. My Tiger lilies are up and so far they are the only thing budding that I can report at the moment.

    Sedums are wonderful and the bumble bees go insane over them in my garden during the summer.

    Yours appear very happy and healthy.

    I have Matrona, Stardust, Blood dragon, Autumn joy and Vera Jameson ( the bees favorite)...

    I'll post them once I get some action out of them.

  9. Donna, You must be excited to see green after all that white this winter! I am for you! I did see a sweet pink flower in one photo and that is great! Happy Bloom Day to you and you and Phillip ought to make a pizza garden! gail

  10. aloha,

    you have alot of beautiful blooms just waiting to get started...hope spring happens soon for you! love the sempervivum in the snow!

  11. All our snow is gone and I was just thinking this morning while I was letting Joey out...that I need to take a walk around the house to see if anything is starting to pop. Looks like you've gotten some activity.

    THINK Spring!

  12. Your glacier-waiting hens'n'chicks made me laugh. I didn't know they get stalks or flowers...mine certainly don't. Maybe I'd like them better if they did, they always remind me of old lady's shower caps!

  13. The "glacier" made me laugh too. I'm going to check my 'Autumn Joy' today to see if there are signs of life. I'll cut off last years blooms while I'm looking!

  14. I read recently that folks in Europe called A.J. Sedum (or it's like) "Live Forever Plant". I thought that was quite appropriate and no, we can't have too many! Acorns in your birdhouse, hmm. Sounds like something my squirrels would do. Oh btw, interesting to hear how your creeping phlox did. Guess this year will be the test for mine.

  15. What fun to see things start to grow. I have about a week or two left before the snow is off my beds. I can't wait. Fun post today. Thanks for a wonderful sign of spring!

  16. Yvonne, it was a pleasure having you visit all the way from Italy.

    Carolyn Gail, our outside gardens might be similar this time of year, but when it comes to houseplants you have me beat by a mile.

    Catherine, I added the purple flower on the sedum to see if anyone would notice. You are the first to mention it.

    Town Mouse, it's nice when someone from CA takes the time to look at my little snippets of green.

    Sweet bay, I'm happy to report that the glacier is GONE.

    S. Estole, the sedum are always the first to show up around here. They look like little Brussels sprouts.

    Christine B., I heard recently that cabbage heads can grow to weight 75 pounds in Alaska. Is that true?

    Vetsy, you're so right about the bees liking to buzz around the sedum.

    Gail, I added that little flower to see if anyone would notice. You are the second to mention it.

    Noel, nobody will beat you in the blooms department. Hawaii..paradise.

  17. Lindalou, I bet your neighbor's rhubarb is up. I remember seeing it in one of your photos last year. We luv rhubarb.

    Joyce, the old lay shower cap is the perfect way to describe hen and chicks. Made me laugh.

    Marie, I need to get over to your blog to see what's new. Hopefully, that'll be today.

    Jean, I would be relieved if it were squirrels putting acorns in the wren house. I thought maybe mice had built a nest in there.

    Bonnie, nice to know that there's someone else out there that has to wait so long for spring.

  18. Good stuff, Donna, and can imagine if you are enjoying this marvelous weather, more is popping and that your snow is now gone. Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  19. It is always such a wonderful feeling when we can shrug off winter and feel renewed again. I am eager to see those pots in action. Maybe a crazy squirrel put those acorns in that birdhouse. We have some crazy squirrels around here.

  20. Donna

    I'm very happy because you like my mosaic.
    Sent me your adress and I'll sent back this photo.

    How is beautiful your main photo on the blog. Congratulation!

    Have a nice day


  21. Pretty good I noticed that little flower then, I'm having to get closer an closer to the computer screen to see now. :)
    The Poppy seeds could be sprinkled outside now. Just toss them where you want them. But just in case I'd start some inside too. I sprinkled mine about a month ago and it took them a few weeks to germinate. Others that started them inside had them sprout quicker. I hope they do well for you!

  22. I had a neighbor once who had Hen and Chicks in an old fireplace grate, back before Garden Junk was the fashion. I thought it was so sophisticated.

    Scatter poppy seeds, plant a few inside, they should all grow. I have poppies planted in the fall that are 5 inches tall and the same seeds just coming up that were scattered later. They'll all catch up.

  23. Joey, snow and rain and cold headed our way for the weekend.

    Rosey, I can't wait to shrug off the winter coats/jackets and start wear flip flops and sandals again.

    Gabriella, I'll send the address. Thoughtful of you.

    Catherine, thanks for the poppy seed planting tips.

    NellJean, I'm going to trust you and Catherine that planting the seeds is as easy as you say.

  24. Hi, Donna!

    Those are beautiful signs of Spring. Nice to see your garden comes to life again. I love the Hen and chicks in the snow. I actually have that kind of plant in my garden but didn't know the name, but now I know..:)Great post as always Donna. I love all your pictures.
    Thank you for all the comments and visit. I really appreciate it. Have a nice day always..

  25. Oh -- Early Spring and the start of the busy season! I remember those days. Hard work, but I know you're ready for it -- and for the beautiful results. I look forward to the vicarious enjoyment!

  26. Such great photos. I love them all. The wrens, all the pots, hens and chicks. OH! I am so ready for spring!

  27. Yay for spring. I am glad you are seeing it a bit too.

  28. Your hens and chicks are adorable!

  29. Eden, it's true that we have some signs of spring, but I want a whole lot more and I want it NOW.

    Sallie, thanks for stopping by. I need to get to Florida and see what you're up to these days.

    Teresa, spring is so close now.

    Jessa Irene, nobody appreciates spring like a cold climate gardener.

    Dirty Girl Gardening, I've always luved the name of your blog.

  30. Oh Donna these are wonderful. I love every picture you've taken so beautifully.

    I did the same thing and crawl on my knees over the ground to watch every single bud grow.

    Happy day my friend.


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