March 27, 2010

First Day of Spring

Some of you might be thinking/wishing that it was me who posted this sign. It wasn't, but Phillip and I kept an eye out for the camera while exploring the park on the first day of spring. Sorry to say that we didn't find it.
It was warm enough for this Mallard couple to be out in the sunshine doing their thing and they didn't care who was watching.
                                                                                                                                                                 But it was still cold enough for there to be ice on Duck Creek, making for a lovely contrast to the above scene. 
The sap is running!
A sure sign of spring.
Temps above freezing during the day....
Temps falling below freezing at night....
Makes the sap flow in the maple trees.
Wisconsin is a leading producer of maple syrup. 

Cattails at the water's edge.

This is how we all feel about the arrival of spring.

Not sure why, but I had so much trouble
with alignment and spacing while working
on this post. I give up.


  1. sometimes blogger takes over and all we can do is give up.....

    but you might want to see if you are in the stretch version of your template....that will help :)

  2. Is it a coincidence that another meaning of the word "spring" is to jump?? I like to think not.
    When I was growing up in Ontario (isn't wisconisin underneath ontario...I think it may be but I don't hve a map in front of me)we used to go for class trips to the maple syrup where I am we don't have maple trees, just coniferous and aspens.
    Glad you had what seems to be a great time at the park with Phillip!

  3. It looks fine to me. I'm about content and not mechanics.

    Love that jumping kid, joyful over spring. It looks as if it will arrive with a bang this year, everything at once.

  4. Looking like that here, too ...

  5. Nice pictures -- I don't really see anything wrong w/your formatting. Typepad does that kind of thing to me sometimes too though and I usually end up giving up too!

    I didn't know Wisconsin was a leader in producing maple syrup.
    We've gotta' come back again!

  6. If you keep having trouble (and this doesn't seem to be a one time glitch) e-mail me, I know how to play with the code on the page to tweak how wide things are.

    What a beautiful outing!
    I love your photos, it would be a tragedy if you lost your camera. The ice on the water is beautiful.
    I love your first bloom photo too!

  7. I don't think I've ever been happier to see spring arrive than I have been this year. I wanted to leap with joy like Phillip, but instead just breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

  8. The mallards are in love with spring and each other here in PA too. We saw a mallard couple walking down our street this morning!

  9. See Donna, I told you if you were patient that spring would finally arrive! We woke up to an inch of snow on Friday, which I found disgusting. But it was gone by afternoon. Highs by Wednesday will be 68. Love it!

  10. Maple syrup, yum. I bet you are so glad that spring is here. It looks like Phillip certainly is!

  11. Love the glee of a jumpin' boy! Maple syrup- yum.

  12. Looks like another fun day with Phillip. It is starting to look like Spring here too. Saw my first Robin about 3 days ago. Thanks for sharing your day.

  13. Hooray! I'm glad spring has finally come to Wisconsin, too. We've had quite a few nice spring days so far, and although the cold still creeps back occasionally, the crocuses and now the daffodils are constant reminders that the seasons really have changed.

    Meadowbrook is one of my favorite parks, too, though I have a feeling we're not talking about the same one:)

    Now I'm wondering what Beth meant by the stretch version of your template...I'm still trying to figure out why Blogger has a mind of its own with spacing.

  14. I had no idea Wisconsin was the leading producer of syrup. Glad things are thawing there. Phillip must enjoy his adventures with you!

  15. Hi there sweet lady.....did you save me a bucket? I will kill for maple syrup...we don't have it over here so I need to let it ship in. And whenever I'm at Joyce's I'll take lots of it kids love it too on french toast with fresh strawberries. Jummy.

    Glad you had such wonderful day with Philip. I can tell he's a light in your life.
    Hugs Dagmar

  16. I am having a feature week and would love to feature your blog. Please e-mail me at to let me know if it is OK to use a photo and if there is a particular photo you would prefer I use. Thanks! I love your blog.

  17. It's just fine and you surely got into the spirit of the season. Way to go!

  18. Just reading your line about Wisconsin maple syrup has me switching my breakfast order from eggs to pancakes. :) Happy Easter and Happy Spring. Isn't nice to see the ground again after so many months of snow??

  19. Donna the Robins are singing and waking me up waaaay.. before the sun is up, but I'm not complaining.. and
    It will be a long time before I do..because I'm so happy spring is finally here I just put earplugs in my ears and go back to sleep with a smile on my face LOL!

    So glad you enjoyed the Easter Poem I thought it was so touching"... You and Family have a fantastic Easter!


  20. Losing a camera is the worst. Hope they find it. I'd be jumping with joy too if spring had arrived here yet.

    Christine in Alaska

  21. Hi, Donna!
    Those are beautiful pictures you took on the first day of Spring. Looks like it was a fun day with Phillip. I especially like that picture of him jumping.

    Thanks for the visit. Happy Easter too and Enjoy your Spring.

  22. I enjoyed your visit this morning ... been missing you! Resurrection blessings.


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